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Measure the true impact of your messages

Know exactly who opens your email, how often, and the content they viewed


Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your inbox. Gain insights, personalize messages, and automatically log phone and email activity.

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Now you can stay productive in your inbox, while Mixmax automates all of your tedious data entry and admin work in Pipedrive.

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Ensure top notch candidate experiences, speed up time to hire, land more top talent.

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Easily inserting forms and surveys into any email. See the replies in Typeform, or receive submission alerts. Increase reply rates at scale.

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Google Calendar

Share your calendar availabilities with others easily.

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Convert Dropbox files into email attachments with Mixmax. Share Dropbox files in the body of your email.

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Quickly access your Box files and add them in-line or as an attachment to any email.

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Add personality to your emails and get more replies. Browse from thousands of animated GIFs with a few clicks or keystrokes.

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Use SMS to boost engagement and maximize productivity. Engage leads, customers, and recruits in a highly interactive way. Monitor key events in real time.

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