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A letter from our CEO

As the CEO of a company that develops sales engagement technology, I see first-hand the struggles of today’s sellers. I know how difficult it is for SDRs, AEs, and CSMs to stand out and win with prospects and customers, especially in today’s climate of economic uncertainty, longer sales cycles, and larger buying committees.

And despite all of this, megacorp competitors continue to pursue profitability over customer satisfaction.

That’s where we’re different: We’ve made it our mission to deliver a solution that will make selling enjoyable–and successful–for everyone involved.

At Mixmax, we believe that sales engagement technology should be adopted by the entire revenue team, not just SDRs. Collaboration between teams should be easy. Implementation should take hours, not months. Training should be painless, the tech fitting into the user’s workflow, not the other way around.

All that, without breaking the bank.

And most importantly, the solution should be a perfect fit. Too often we see small and medium-sized businesses use technology built for enterprise companies. Too often they lack (free) support when they need help. And too often their auto-renewal kicks in without so much as a conversation, with the prices jacked up to boot.

These businesses are left to fend for themselves with pricey and overly-complicated software that’s incompatible with their needs and designed for one role and one purpose only.

The result? Low adoption and fewer closed deals.

If a sales engagement solution forces your revenue team to switch between programs to complete a task, it’s killing productivity. That’s why the best place for this type of product is where sellers spend most of their time–their inbox.

Pair that with a Salesforce integration that automatically syncs and updates records after every interaction, and your revenue team will finally be able to focus on what they actually enjoy…

Selling. And making sure customers are satisfied.

And that’s what it all comes down to: sellers and buyers having a positive experience and achieving their goals while working together as one team.

If you’re part of the seller’s journey and want your team to close more deals, we know you’ll love Mixmax. Try it out or book a demo to see for yourself.



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Olof Mathé CEO and Co-Founder, Mixmax
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