Email tracking

Get notified and take action when prospects engage with your emails. Set up Slack alerts, email notifications, or call tasks.

  • Get alerts about prospect activity in real-time
  • Ensure you never miss a follow-up and no deal falls through the cracks
  • Know which content is generating clicks and downloads

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Maximize prospecting efficiency

Prioritize your time on highly engaged contacts

Work smarter by starting your daily outreach with your most engaged contacts. Sort contacts based on their engagement score and view their last touchpoint to personalize your outreach.

Get alerts about prospect activity in real-time

Ensure you never miss a follow-up and no deal falls through the cracks. When prospects engage with your emails, create alerts via Slack or email. 

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Track prospects from your inbox

See how your emails are performing without leaving your inbox. Pull up the Mixmax Sidebar to see opens, replies, and overall email performance. 

Know when to call

Improve your connect rate by taking action at the right moment. Know exactly when someone is opening, forwarding, or engaging with your email content. Build rules to alert you and create Salesforce tasks automatically.

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Never miss an opportunity

Customize rules to trigger alerts, sequence enrollment or automated follow-ups based on the real-time activity of your email content.

Save time and increase email engagement

Turn your most effective emails into time-saving templates with case study content, customer quotes or ROI calculators. Embed interactive polls, surveys, and CTA buttons directly within your emails to stand out, improve response rates, and track what interests your recipients the most. 

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"Mixmax helped our sales and business development teams increase pipeline generation by 576% year over year. We're always updating our sequences, always seeing what's working and what's not. With Mixmax, we can keep evolving our approach."


Federico Dominquez
Federico Dominquez Sales Operations Director
“I’ve seen teams that have AEs on one tool, SDRs on a more complex tool, and account managers just using regular email. Having the same tool for all revenue teams not only promotes collaboration but also ensures we are all on the same page.”


Chris Flores
Chris Flores VP of Marketing
“Mixmax has been a force multiplier for our business. Not only have we been able to expand the number of people we’ve been able to contact, we’ve also tripled the number of meetings booked in the past quarter since implementation.”


Morgan Joseph
Morgan Joseph Head of Marketing

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