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Our values

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions, and help create a sense of community within our organization. They’re also at the heart of how we interact with, and serve, our customers.

Create superfans

medal-star Deeply understand and anticipate customer needs. Make their day better and more enjoyable, every day. Engage with empathy and enthusiasm. Go above and beyond.

Win together

message-question Company success is a team sport. Prioritize company-wide goals and help everyone achieve them. Foster autonomous, empowered, and diverse teams. Encourage fresh perspectives, and commit to the decision.

Is it awesome?

weight Set the bar high. Get 1% better every day. It compounds 1.01^365=38. Take pride in what you deliver. Hold ourselves accountable to doing our best work.

Why not now?

star Deliver value over perfection. Iterate quickly. Narrow your scope: focus on what matters. Bias to decision and action.


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