Mixmax vs Yesware:

Which is the best sales engagement tool?

Yesware used to be the go-to solution for AEs, but these days it falls short of enabling true sales engagement. Our side-by-side comparison of Mixmax vs Yesware will help you decide which is right for your revenue teams. Want us to show you how Mixmax can better serve your revenue team?

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Waste time wrestling with basic customization options, from emails to sequences to rules.

Fully flexible and customizable rules, sequences, and email templates can be adapted to suit your prospects and workflows and make you a productivity beast.

Basic tracking, insights, and reporting will leave you guessing.

Granular insights and reporting let you keep tabs on performance by rep, team, sequence, template, domain, customers, and more.

Struggle to make your emails stand out from the crowd.

A ton of enhancements – polls, surveys, CTAs, GIFs, etc.–boost your chances of getting a response.

Juggle multiple tools and tabs when cold calling.

The easy in-email dialer will put a genuine smile on your face.

A buggy Salesforce integration.

The native Salesforce integration turns your CRM into a source of truth.

Built for reps with basic needs such as email tracking, not advanced enough to support the entire revenue team.

Flexible workflows to support the entire revenue team, including AEs, CSMs and SDRs.

Mixmax vs Yesware - Pricing comparison

Both tools offer a free plan with calendar scheduling and email productivity. To unlock the full range of features, you need a Growth or Enterprise plan with Mixmax or Enterprise plan with Yesware. Bear in mind, though, that Yesware’s features are more limited across the board.

Here’s how they compare per user/month on an annual subscription.

  Yesware Pricing Mixmax Pricing
List price (per user/month, billed annually) Enterprise  $65 or
Custom plan - priced on request
Growth + CRM $69 or
Enterprise $99
Trial 14-day free trial 14-day free trial
Customer support Well rated Very highly rated, and one of the key reasons customers recommend Mixmax

What can you do with Mixmax vs Yesware?

Yesware offers a lot of sales engagement functionality, but it’s not fully baked and lacks all the key features needed to nurture prospects at scale.

Here’s what you can do with Mixmax vs Yesware.

Mixmax vs Yesware - Integration comparison

Both Mixmax and Yesware integrate with a range of common sales tools. However, Yesware offers fewer integrations than many sales engagement platforms out there. The Salesforce CRM integration is also notoriously buggy.

Salesforce __ Mixmax real-time sync

Mixmax's real-time Salesforce sync eliminates the need for manual data entry,
making it a source of truth

Choose the top sales engagement platform

Yesware offers basic features for email productivity and tracking, but that’s about as far as it goes. If you need a scalable all-in-one sales engagement solution to nurture prospects at scale, Mixmax is your best choice.

Mixmax has all the features you need for scalable sales engagement for your entire revenue team.


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