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Learn how we've helped our customers maximize their brand. These use cases reflect an increase in capacity, efficiency and operational excellence so that it's easy for their prospects, candidates and customers to do business with them.

Top 50 sales products 2023
https___www.mixmax.com_assets_common-company-logo-gong-dark delivers a conversation intelligence platform.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Single application to align sales and customer success

I wish we had started using Mixmax a lot sooner. It makes my life much, much easier.
Samantha Kennedy Director, Enterprise Customer Success
  • Aligns outbound communication across sales and customer success
  • Helps customer success managers stay on top of multiple accounts
  • Sales email open rates are 86%, reply rates are 52% and RSVP rate is 41%

Canva provides a web design application.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Speed the technical recruiting process

Mixmax saves each user 1 day/month, and that savings translates into an extra hire or an extra candidate in the recruiting pipeline.
Francisco Morales Engineering Recruitment Lead
  • Easy group scheduling is key for recruiting teams
  • Mixmax saves each user 1 day/month which translates into an additional hire
  • Mixmax scales with company growth

HelpScout offers a customer support platform.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Easy to use application with seamless integration to Salesforce

Our sales team engages with customers faster, and with better quality.
Tim Thyne Head of Sales & Account Management
  • Mixmax is critical to sales workflow
  • Mixmax saves each team member 1 day/week
  • Mixmax has scaled with HelpScout’s growth

Hiretual provides a platform for talent acquisition.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Sales process automation

I really like the rules engine because I can automate almost anything. This automation saves the Hiretual sales team 90 hours/week.
Edwin Lau Revenue Operations Manager
  • Mixmax Rules automates most sales processes
  • Mixmax automation saves the sales team 90 hours/week
  • An email open rate of 70% leads to more meetings and pipeline

Clum Creative is a media production company.

Industry: Media

Need: Prospect for more clients and grow the business

Using Mixmax has doubled the size of my company two years in a row. I literally feel like I have 2 or 3 extra sales people on my team.
Mike Clum CEO
  • Follow up automation supports operational excellence
  • Mixmax provides more capacity without hiring additional employees
  • Mixmax has significantly contributed to 100% year over year growth for two years

Trendalytics is a customer intelligence platform.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Engage and build credibility with C-level executives

The ‘recommended send times’ feature, ensure our emails build rapport with our clients. Our team has saved 65 hours scheduling meetings using one click scheduling.
Cecile Lee Head of Account Management
  • Account management team use Mixmax
  • Saved 65 hours using Mixmax calendaring
  • Mixmax’s ‘Recommended Send Time’ ensures engagement with CEOs, CFOs and VPs

Rainforest QA delivers a quality assurance platform.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Single tool to align sales and customer success

Mixmax offers greater transparency and insight for the sales team so all leads are promptly contacted. Mixmax offers a lot of features that make every day more effective.
Ryan Basch Mid-market Sales Manager
  • Aligns processes across sales and customer success
  • Measures best performing sales emails and converts into templates
  • Sales email have 97% open rates & 50% reply rates

Izea provides influence marketing software.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Consistent sales activity to build pipeline

Mixmax stood out in our evaluation because it offered a streamlined way to increase rep activity. More emails, mean more meetings and pipeline.
Kevin Blazaitis Vice President Client Dev
  • Seen an 18% increase in setting meetings
  • Have clear insight into template performance
  • Onboarding with Gmail is quick and easy

Boast helps organizations recover their R&D tax credits.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Improve productivity for all users in the company

Any person in a company is using email, calendaring and the phone can use Mixmax to improve productivity. Mixmax sequences has saved each user 1.5 hours/day.
Lloyed Lobo CEO
  • An email open rate of 80-90%
  • Mixmax saves each users 1.5 hours/day
  • Mixmax helps finance team automate payment reminders and collections

Harvard Student Agencies (HSA) is a student run corporation

Industry: Education

Need: Scale outbound sales efforts

We needed to do a lot of cold outreach and Mixmax was responsible for making sure we hit our revenue goals. I know Mixmax is automatically a growth lever for our businesses.
Amy Wang CEO
  • Mixmax pays for itself in productivity gains
  • Provides more capacity without hiring additional employees
  • Mixmax is a growth lever for HSA business

Frontify is a brand management application.

Industry: SaaS tech

Need: Scale outbound sales development process

"With Mixmax we've seen a 25% increase in sales activity and a 30% increase in sales demos set."
Thomas Meichtry Enterprise Solutions Manager
  • Increase in outreach by 25%
  • 30% lead-to-demo lift
  • Mixmax streamlined SDR scaling


Selffee offers edible entertainment for events.

Industry: Media

Need: Scalable solution to follow up with demand

With Mixmax I have the capabilities 2-3 extra sales people without having to hire 2-3 more people.
David Weiss Co-founder
  • Scaling follow-up with thousands of inbound leads
  • Engage leads faster with customized messaging
  • Free up time with templates and tracking

TDR is a personalized match-making service

Industry: Online dating

Need: Measure and improve customer communication

Mixmax let’s our users work with 50% more clients.
Marisa Reisel Matchmaker
  • Custom branding to standout in emails
  • Sequences frees up time
  • Reminders are essential to ease of follow-up

Dollar Flight Club offers discount travel options to its 1M+ users

Industry: Online travel

Need: Grow relationships with advertisers and affiliates

We've boosted advertiser engagement by 10X with Mixmax.
Kyle Maltz Head of Growth
  • Use automation to create an authentic tone at scale
  • Automate the manual aspects of business development
  • Increased efficiency and transparency
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