Save hours on Salesforce updates

Eliminate CRM data entry with automated updates to opportunities, contacts, accounts, tasks, and more.

  • Access Salesforce directly from your inbox using the Mixmax Sidebar.
  • Integrate Salesforce and Mixmax with one click.
  • Reduce sync errors with a native Salesforce integration, no duplicate databases.

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Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your inbox

Cut down on tab switching and sync errors with Mixmax and Salesforce. Leverage a sales engagement platform where Salesforce is natively integrated as your source of truth, with no duplicate "shadow CRM."

Sales engagement for salesforce

30+ reports, one click

Skip the RevOps request queue with Mixmax Insights, an out-of-the-box reporting solution for Salesforce. Create 30+ individual  sales engagement reports with one click. Insights is pre-configured to include data from your own Salesforce account as well as unique tracking data directly from Mixmax activities.

Mixmax SDR leaderboard reporting
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Measure and manage your revenue team

Include sales engagement data in your reporting for a more transparent understanding of team activity. Track the number of calls, emails, LinkedIn outreach, and meetings scheduled per day, week, and month.

Automate Salesforce updates so you can focus on engaging prospects and customers

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Improve connect times and prospect experience

E.g. when an inbound lead is created in Salesforce, Mixmax adds them to a sequence you created for their specific industry.

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Free your reps to sell and ensure your Salesforce data is accurate

E.g. Salesforce contact or lead status is updated when someone confirms a meeting with you.

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Save time and automate customer engagement

E.g. the status of the renewal opportunity is updated in Salesforce when someone votes in your renewal poll.

Find out why our customers love Mixmax and Salesforce

My team saves 90 hours per week on average, thanks to the automation we’ve built in Mixmax. There’s no other tool that has this level of integration with Salesforce.
Edwin Lau
Edwin Lau Revenue Operations Manager
I love having all my Salesforce data right on the side of my inbox, so I don't have to search for contact details in SFDC. Their Rules features saves me at least an hour a day automating responses & updating Salesforce fields.
Raymond Lin 

Raymond Lin 
 Account Executive

Free your team from Salesforce updates

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