Build and close more expansion pipeline

Empower your Customer Success team to work smarter, build relationships, and hit their revenue goals.

  • Automate renewals with email polls and Salesforce workflows
  • Increase customer engagement with email templates and sequences
  • Simplify scheduling with embedded calendar links

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Grow your top accounts

Start more conversations with new teams at your top accounts. Identify highly engaged contacts in new departments for growth opportunities. Prioritize your time on contacts who are engaging with feature adoption and upsell campaigns.

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Collaborate with sales

Make every new customer feel the love with a thoughtfully crafted, personalized sales handoff.  Automate internal alerts between sales and customer success to ensure no new customer falls through the cracks. 

Simplify scheduling with customers

Provide a better customer experience with meeting templates and one-click reminders. Focus on building relationships, not back-and-forth scheduling. Add your calendar availability to any email and let customers click a time that works for them.

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CSM auto renewal

Automate renewals & QBR flow

Scale your customer outreach and add more value, without needing more team members. Stay ahead of every customer renewal by initiating strategic customer meetings with automated workflows and personalization.

Mixmax streamlines collaboration between sales and customer success. Using templates has enabled our growing team to collaborate between different departments.
Samantha Kennedy Director, Enterprise Customer Success,

Build a winning
revenue process

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