Mixmax vs Apollo:

Which is a better fit for your team?

Apollo.io is primarily a data provider, with a lighter sales engagement offering. This could leave your revenue team without a robust enough solution for building and closing pipeline. Want us to show you how Mixmax can serve your revenue team as a complete sales engagement platform?

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Sales intelligence platform built for finding prospects and lead scoring.

Sales engagement platform built for the entire B2B revenue team.

Credit-based pricing model.

Cost-effective & transparent user-based pricing.

Workflow automation is rigid and isn't customizable for individual reps.

Intuitive and easy-to-use workflows rules. Flexible team & rep level workflow automation can be created for many use cases.

No in-email enhancements, embedded polls, surveys or content previews enabling faster replies.

True engagement at scale allowing recipients to respond to polls, surveys or book time with a click, and enabling automated follow ups and task creation based on replies.

Includes email and tracking functionality, but has no easy way to personalize sequences for recipients.

Built for personalization with multichannel sequences to structure outreach, so reps can move faster while giving them an easy way to handpick accounts and personalize each stage per recipient.

Limited reporting to email opens and tasks completed.

Has rich reporting functionality built in-app and 30+ prebuilt sales reports in Salesforce for deep analytics, team leaderboards, and pipeline review.

Connecting to Salesforce is a heavy lift, requiring revops or admin resources.

One-click Salesforce integration with no field mapping gets you connected right away.

Lacks advanced calendar and meeting scheduling features.

The one-click scheduling and flexible templates allow for easy meeting scheduling, without the back-and-forth.

Built for SDR teams doing high-volume prospecting, low adoption with AEs and CSMs.

Flexible workflows to support the entire revenue team, including AEs, CSMs and SDRs.

Mixmax vs Apollo - Pricing comparison

Mixmax is better suited for teams with a Gmail + Salesforce tech stack due to its strong integration capabilities and tier-agnostic support. On the other hand, Apollo operates in the sales intelligence market and has a credit-based pricing model.

  Apollo Pricing Mixmax Pricing
List price (per user/month, billed annually) Basic $39 + usage credits or
Professional $79 + usage credits
SMB $29 or
Growth + CRM $69
Trial 14-day free trial 14-day free trial
Customer support Ticketing system Technical support available via chat and email.
Customer Success NA Dedicated customer success manager. Not charged additionally. Very highly rated and one of the key reasons customers recommend Mixmax.

What can you do with Mixmax vs Apollo?

Mixmax is the easiest-to-use sales engagement platform for revenue teams. It's designed for personalization and engagement at scale across the sales cycle, from prospecting to renewal. Apollo is a data platform offering contact details and lead scoring for SDRs and sales leaders.  Apollo helps you identify the right prospects to target; while Mixmax helps you build relationships with prospects, convert them to customers, and then easily renew them in the future. Sales engagement and sales intelligence are independent pieces of the tech stack for GTM teams.

Here's what you can do with Mixmax compared to Apollo.

Mixmax vs Apollo - Integration comparison

The key difference between Mixmax vs Apollo for Salesforce CRM users is that Mixmax’s real-time sync lets your workspace reduce the number of Salesforce Bulk API calls and retrieve close to real-time updates from Salesforce. 

By contrast, Apollo is known to create duplicate contacts inside the platform, which causes data silos. The CRM integration will log activity but lacks the editing functionality the majority of the revenue team needs. Additionally, limitations in workflow automation won’t help your team save time to focus more on selling.

Mixmax settings showing how to configure the Salesforce sync

Mixmax's real-time Salesforce sync eliminates the need for manual data entry,
making it a source of truth

Choose the top sales engagement platform

Apollo is a sales intelligence and database platform built for SDRs. It is known for a lack of support resources. By trying to offer every feature imaginable, it sacrifices adoption for the majority of your revenue team. 

Mixmax is a scalable solution for sales engagement and automation from the initial sales cycle with prospects through to renewals with your customers.

Build and close more revenue with a true sales engagement platform.


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