Mixmax vs Salesloft:

Which is a better fit for your team?

Salesloft is a powerful revenue platform—but all those bells and whistles aren’t necessary for everyone on the revenue team. Account Executives and Customer Success Reps often have low adoption of the platform, which leaves you paying for costly licenses no one is using. Want us to show you how Mixmax can better serve your revenue team?

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Features-heavy, so you may be paying for a tool your teams won't fully use.

Has all the features you need to achieve sales engagement, and nothing you don't.

High Cost.


Unintuitive and requires training, oversight and admin support to get set up and connected to Salesforce.

Intuitive and easy-to-use. All users can get up and running in minutes.

No in-email enhancements enabling faster replies, and automated follow ups and tasks based on prospects' and customers' replies and engagement.

True engagement at scale allowing recipients to reply or book time with a click, and enabling you to automate follow ups and tasks reps should perform based on recipients' engagement.

Built for spray and pray, no easy way to do personalize sequences beyond dynamic CRM fields, reps have to create a custom path for each account or recipient.

Built for true personalization at scale with multichannel sequences to structure outreach, so reps can move faster while giving them an easy way to handpick accounts and personalize each stage per recipient.

Requires users to work within the platform, resulting in context switching.

Has rich functionality built within Google Workspace so you don't have to switch tabs.

Connecting to Salesforce is a heavy lift, requiring admin resources.

One-click Salesforce integration with no field mapping gets you connected right away.

Creates a duplicate database inside the platform, which leads to data silos and sync errors.

The native Salesforce integration and real-time sync eliminate sync errors.

Built for SDR teams doing high-volume prospecting, low adoption with AEs and CSMs.

Flexible workflows to support the entire revenue team, including AEs, CSMs and SDRs.

Mixmax vs Salesloft - Pricing comparison

Mixmax’s lower per-user price point and tier-agnostic support makes it more accessible and scalable for growing teams than Salesloft. And means you’ll see ROI sooner.

  Salesloft Pricing Mixmax Pricing
List price (per user/month, billed annually) Enterprise $165 Growth + CRM $69 or
Enterprise $99
Trial No free trial 14-day free trial
Customer support Prioritized by pricing tier and not well rated by smaller businesses Very highly rated and one of the key reasons customers recommend Mixmax

What can you do with Mixmax vs Salesloft?

Mixmax is designed to enable personalization and engagement at scale across the sales cycle. Salesloft offers more features for SDRs and sales leaders but to access all the same features as Mixmax you also need to be on a combo of packages. This means signing up for a lot of features reps won’t use, with a hefty price tag.

Here’s what you can do with Mixmax that you can’t with Salesloft.

Mixmax vs Salesloft - Integration comparison

Mixmax’s real-time Salesforce sync eliminates the data silos you get with web app integrations like Salesloft, so your CRM stays squeaky clean. By contrast, Salesloft’s Salesforce integration is buggy and often requires manual data adjustments, so it’s less reliable.

Salesforce __ Mixmax real-time sync

Mixmax's real-time Salesforce sync eliminates the need for manual data entry,
making it a source of truth

Choose the top sales engagement platform

Salesloft is a powerful, all-singing-all-dancing revenue platform. But it comes at the cost of usability, flexibility, and the features you need to achieve true sales engagement.

If you’re looking for a scalable, streamlined solution to serve the whole sales cycle, we suggest you give Mixmax a try.

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