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Empower your reps to get more replies, book more meetings, and close deals faster. Gain visibility into what’s working across the entire sales cycle.

  • Improve collaboration across revenue teams and give every customer a world-class experience.
  • Increase adoption with a tool built for the entire revenue team, not just SDRs.
  • Eliminate guesswork and build proven playbooks for reps to follow.

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Instantly book meetings and distribute them evenly

Meetings are distributed fairly, so your team knows there is no bias. Round Robin scheduling ensures everyone gets a fair share of meetings.

Track sales engagement insights

Dive into performance trends by team, account, stage, sequence, or outreach campaign with Mixmax Insights. Scale sales excellence: share the best-performing sequences, templates, and collateral across the team.

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Cut down on hours of repetitive work

Automate tedious data entry and manual tasks your team does today across systems like Salesforce, Slack, DocuSign, and more. Free up time for your team to delight prospects with unique ways to generate replies, land more meetings and close more business.

Up and running in hours, not months

Skip the implementation partners and professional services teams. Mixmax customers go live in less than one day and see ROI in less than 6 months. Integrate with all your favorite sales tech to enable your reps with everything they need directly from Gmail. 

Leadership time to value
We see an 85% open rate on our outbound email sequences and a 40% reply rate to those cold sequences. Outbound accounts for 30% of our signups right now. We can directly attribute that to Mixmax.
Sam Blond
Sam Blond Chief Sales Officer, Brex

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