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Start more conversations with streamlined daily tasks and personalized multi-channel Sequences.

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Maximize prospecting efficiency

Work smarter to build pipeline

Work smarter by starting your daily outreach with your most engaged contacts. Sort your contacts based on their engagement score and visualize their last touchpoint to speed up pipeline creation.

Power your daily activities

Streamline your daily activities to work smarter and get more done. Automatically have high-priority items added to your to-do list in real time. Connect with more prospects when sorting based on their level of engagement.

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Personalize outreach at scale

Level up your cold outreach with emails, calls, social tasks, videos, and LinkedIn connections. Add a personal touch to individual prospects within large campaigns to boost response rates and set more meetings. 

Know when to call

Improve your connect rate by taking action at the right moment. Know exactly when someone is opening, forwarding, or engaging with your email content. Build rules to alert you and create Salesforce tasks automatically.

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Build pipeline call from gmail

Initiate one-click dials directly from your inbox

Use Mixmax Dialer to initiate calls quickly from your inbox or Salesforce. Call recordings are automatically logged to Salesforce under the contact. Integrate with Gong for conversational intelligence.

Schedule more meetings

Simplify scheduling by eliminating all the back-and-forth. Add optional times into the body of any email with a quick shortcut. Prospects can view proposed times against their own availability and book with one click.

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Mixmax helped our sales and business development teams increase pipeline generation by 576% year over year. We're always updating our sequences, always seeing what's working and what's not. With Mixmax, we can keep evolving our approach.


Federico Dominquez
Federico Dominquez Sales Operations Director
Mixmax is simple to use and helpful for my sequences and to book meetings via my available schedule. You can also personalize each message within your sequence before sending it out to all the emails you are placing in a given sequence.
Raquel Gastelut
Raquel Gastelut Sales Development Representative
“Mixmax has been a force multiplier for our business. Not only have we been able to expand the number of people we’ve been able to contact, we’ve also tripled the number of meetings booked in the past quarter since implementation.”


Morgan Joseph
Morgan Joseph Head of Marketing

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