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Introduce us to revenue leaders through the Mixmax Champions Club, and get a $50 gift card for every qualified demo. Get an additional $500 gift card if your referral becomes a customer through our sales team. 

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Get rewarded for referring revenue teams

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    In your company

    Would another department benefit from using Mixmax? Get rewarded for introducing us to your AE, CSM, or SDR leader.

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    In your network

    Do you know someone whose team would benefit from Mixmax? Sign up using the form in the header and share your unique link with revenue leaders in your network.

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    At your new job

    Congrats on your new role! Take Mixmax with you to your new company and get rewarded. Introduce your new AEs, CSMs, and SDRs to the easiest-to-use sales engagement platform.

How it works

Sign up

for Mixmax Champions Club to get your unique link (the same link is used to refer teams in your network or your organization).

Share your link

with revenue leaders in your network and with your sales and customer success team leaders if they are not using Mixmax yet.

Earn rewards

as referrals advance in our sales process, you will get a $50 gift card for a qualified demo, plus a $500 gift card if they become a customer.

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