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Automate workflows to update Salesforce fields, opportunities, or lead information. Save your reps hours by sending email campaigns, creating follow-up tasks, and tracking what prospects engage with most.

  • Save time and auto-create new CRM records directly from Gmail. 
  • Standardize high-performing emails into templates for your whole team to use.
  • Visualize your team’s reporting metrics and easily share what gets the best results.
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Instantly book meetings and distribute them evenly

Meetings are distributed fairly, so your team knows there is no bias. Round Robin scheduling ensures everyone gets a fair share of meetings.

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Save time with meeting templates

Customize meeting templates to fit your team's unique structure. Use different templates for grouping your team's expertise, geography, or other relevant criteria for your sales process.

Implement more of what works

Scale sales enablement for your reps by leveraging the best-performing sequences, templates, and collateral across the team quickly. Equip your reps with the best data to power their sales process.

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Always keep Salesforce up to date

Integrate with Salesforce in minutes, not months, using a one-click connection. Auto-create leads on behalf of your reps, automate status changes, or send follow-ups without worrying about sync errors or needing a duplicate CRM. Your teams can also personalize their messages with fields from Salesforce.

Speak the same language between systems

Mixmax is intuitive, easy to set up, administer, and use without needing a full-time resource to manage. Connect all your favorite systems to deliver world-class experiences for your prospects and customers.

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Mixmax streamlines collaboration between sales and customer success. Using templates has enabled our growing team to collaborate between different departments.
Samantha Kennedy Director, Enterprise Customer Success,

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