Mixmax vs Groove:

Which is a better fit for your team?

Groove prides itself on a strong Salesforce integration (due to being built on a managed package), but it can be slow and cumbersome to use. Want us to show you how Mixmax can better serve your revenue team?

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Clunky Gmail integration, Groove was built for reps who want to stay inside of Salesforce.

Mixmax was built for the entire revenue team, providing reps with a choice; reps can live inside Salesforce, Gmail (AEs and CSMs), or within our web app (SDRs).

Lacks key functionality like engagement metrics, meeting templates, etc.

Has all the features you need to achieve sales engagement and nothing you don’t.

High cost, $10,000 deal minimum.


Unintuitive and difficult to adopt. It requires training, oversight and admin support.

Intuitive and easy to use. All users can get up and running in minutes.

No in-email enhancements enabling faster replies, and automated follow ups and tasks based on prospects’ and customers’ replies and engagement.

True engagement at scale enables recipients to reply or book time with a click, so you can automate follow-ups and tasks reps should perform based on recipients’ engagement.

Built for spray and pray, no easy way to do personalize sequences or “flows” beyond dynamic CRM fields, reps have to create a custom flow for each account or recipient.

Built for personalization at scale with multichannel sequences to structure outreach, so reps can move faster while giving them an easy way to handpick accounts and personalize each stage per recipient.

Mixmax vs Groove - Pricing comparison

Mixmax’s lower per-user price point and tier-agnostic support makes it more accessible and scalable for growing teams than Groove. And means you’ll see ROI sooner.

  Groove Pricing Mixmax Pricing
List price (per user/month, billed annually) Custom priced on request, toward the upper end of the scale. $10,000 annual deal minimum. Growth + CRM $69 or
Enterprise $99
Trial No free trial, managed pilot by request only 14-day free trial
Customer support Well rated Very highly rated, and one of the key reasons customers recommend Mixmax

What can you do with Mixmax vs Groove?

Mixmax vs Groove - Integration comparison

Even though Groove has a Gmail integration, it is clunky and not as powerful. Groove was built for reps who want to work exclusively from Salesforce. If your AEs and CSMs aren’t willing to do that, you will end up overpaying for solution that over a half of your revenue team isn’t using.

Salesforce Gmail Mixmax Sidebar-png

Mixmax Gmail sidebar lets you manage tasks, send LinkedIn InMail, promote team coaching and alignment with Team Live Feeds, access and update Salesforce, and quickly access prospect and tracking data right from your inbox.

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Groove is a powerful, all-singing-all-dancing revenue platform. But it comes at the cost of usability, flexibility, and the features you need to achieve true sales engagement.

If you’re looking for a scalable, streamlined solution to serve the whole sales cycle, we suggest you give Mixmax a try.

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