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The 15 Best Sales Tools for Growing Teams

August 26, 2020

There are a ton of sales tools on the market right now.

Which ones have the biggest impact on your ability to book more meetings, increase pipeline, and accelerate revenue growth?

To save you time and help you get traction faster, we’ve curated this list of the 15 best sales tools for growing teams.

Video Conferencing & Phone

1. Aircall

Built-in call routing, warm transfers, call commenting, shared call inboxes, and CRM integrations are just a few of the productivity-boosting features that sales reps love. Desktop notifications of incoming calls and click-to-dial functionality make it easier for reps to engage prospects without leaving their laptops or PCs.

2. Dialpad

Looking to centralize all of your sales conferencing, dialers, and SMS messaging into a single cloud-based phone system? Dialpad might be the right choice for you. Like Aircall, Dialpad also integrates to your CRM, reducing the amount of jumping between systems.

Contract Management

3. PandaDoc

With PandaDoc you can build stunning proposals, quotes, and contracts. With a drag-and-drop content library that contains more than 450 templates, you’ll spend less time building decks from scratch and more time on prospect engagement. PandaDoc also provides actionable insights and notifies you when a proposal is opened, viewed, or commented on, so you can follow up at exactly the right moment.

4. DocSend

With DocSend, your files are shared as clickable links (not attachments), which makes your email more likely to arrive in your prospect’s inbox. Increasing deliverability isn’t the only benefit of this approach. DocSend enables enhanced revisioning control that is impossible with email attachments. Lost a deal and want to restrict continued access to your original proposal? Simply flip a switch, and the prospect can no longer download the file.

5. HelloSign

HelloSign has become such an invaluable tool for high-growth sales teams. HelloSign makes it easy to send, sign, and collect legally binding eSignatures in the United States, EU, UK, and other countries. Mobile optimized signing enables customers to review and approve from anywhere. A variety of CRM and document management integrations streamline the distribution, collection, and storage of your sales contracts.

Sales Knowledge & Insights

6. Guru

How much time do you spend each week hunting for pitch deck templates, case studies, and testimonials? With content spread across your website, Slack channels, Google Drive folders, Dropbox, and inboxes, finding stuff takes up valuable time. Guru solves this problem by organizing your sales team’s most important information into a highly accessible and easy-to-use knowledge base. Integrations with popular sales, marketing, document, and support systems make Guru the go-to source for organizational knowledge.

7. Gong

Gong’s AI-powered technology records, transcribes, and analyzes each call that you and your team make. This not only saves you time, but it also converts your sales calls into a digital archive of best practices and lessons learned. Collaborate with your team to learn which approaches, tactics, words, and pitch decks work best. Get real coaching that helps you elevate your game. Learn what others are doing to engage prospects and close more deals.

Sales Outreach

8. Mixmax

We might be a little biased, but we believe that Mixmax is the #1 sales engagement platform for AEs. Mixmax accelerates revenue starting with prospecting all the way through renewal and expansion. One-click scheduling helps you book more meetings, sequences help you get more replies, and our integrations deliver the data you need to personalize your outreach. Simply put, Mixmax helps you close more pipeline with less effort.

9. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Your prospects are all on LinkedIn, but social outreach can be clunky, time-consuming, and disconnected from your CRM. Not any more. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you with a suite of social selling tools to maximize your outreach on LinkedIn. Advanced lead search and recommendations help you quickly filter through LinkedIn’s web of 500 million+ profiles and zero in on leads that fit your ICP. Save, tag, and organize your LinkedIn leads, capture notes, and sync your data to your CRM.

10. Vidyard

Vidyard maximizes engagement from your sales emails by incorporating video content. Don’t just send a proposal and hope your prospect reads it. Guide him or her through your story by providing a personalized video walk-through. Recording, uploading, and sharing your video content is easy with Vidyard—especially when used in tandem with the Mixmax enhancement that instantly embeds your video into the body of any email.

Chat & Conversational Tools

11. Drift

Leveraging the power of AI and chatbot technology, Drift’s suite of tools helps convert website visitors into paying customers. Drift takes website chat to an entirely new level by personalizing each visitor’s experience with custom messaging that helps sales reps start meaningful conversations. Built-in lead routing and chat-to-call features simplify online lead qualification and engagement.

12. Intercom

Intercom is more than just live chat. Intercom delivers on-site and in-app communication tools that help sales teams engage users based on their behavior, making it easier to onboard customers and move prospects further into the sales cycle. Chat now or chat later. Pre-qualify leads with chatbots before engaging. Route existing customers to self-service resources or your success team. Enable automated chats that proactively engage prospects and address their specific pain points. Integrate a variety of apps into chat conversations to drive leads toward desired outcomes.

Data Enrichment

13. ZoomInfo & DiscoverOrg

ZoomInfo goes beyond basic company filters, such as revenue size or location and has 300+ attributes (such as funding status, number of engineers, and buyer intent) to build a custom list that fits your exact ICP. While you’re at it, check out ZoomInfo’s nifty ReachOut lead generation extension to accelerate your ad hoc research.

DiscoverOrg guarantees 95% accuracy of its data, ensuring you’re just a click away from B2B lead data that you can trust. Whether you’re doing outreach or just cleaning up your existing records, DiscoverOrg saves your team countless hours of manual research and data entry.

14. Clearbit

Clearbit is a marketing data engine that automatically enriches sales records in your CRM—with zero manual data entry. Just turn it on, and Clearbit fills in the data gaps for your leads, contacts, and company records. Real-time alerts notify you when important accounts visit your website, enabling you to engage at the right moment.

15. Bombora

Bombora provides intent data about B2B buyers to help you identify in the moment when companies are shopping for your product. Bombora does this by leveraging its B2B Data Co-op, which aggregates insights from more than 4,000 websites in its data-sharing ecosystem.

Written by

 Sumeet Ganju

Sumeet Ganju

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