Email tracking 101: Why you need read receipts for your emails

Email tracking 101: Why You Need to Read Your Email Receipts | Mixmax

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You’ve been waiting three days for someone to respond to your email, and now you’re faced with a dilemma: do you continue waiting, send them a reminder, or give up altogether?

Communication black holes like these happen all the time – just look to the reams of advice on the internet about how to get contacts to open and respond to your emails. You can waste hours learning how to write the perfect subject line, what kind of greeting to use, what time of day to send it – but once you click send, your email’s gone.

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If you rely on email to keep your work moving, it can be frustrating to press send and simply cross your fingers. So don’t. With email tracking, you have the tools to create an intelligent, effective email workflow. Here’s how it works:

The basics

Sometimes you just need to know if your recipient received and opened your email. After all, not all emails need replies. With tracking you’ll know if your message was read. Never send a follow-up asking “did you see my prior email?” It’s a waste of everyone’s time and clogs the recipient’s inbox.

Follow up at the right time

It can be maddeningly hard to know the best time to email someone. Your recipient might read your email only to add it to the bottom of a very long to-do list. If you need a response now, you likely have to follow up, and there’s no better to time to do that than when they’ve just read your prior email. With tracking, you can send your recipient a message at precisely the right moment, when you are top-of-mind.

Who's reading your email?

Follow up in the right way

Whether you’re emailing to a long-time customer about a new proposal or doing cold outreach it can be hard to gauge their level of interest. A contact who reads your email multiple times is likely reading it on several devices, digesting the message, thinking about the best next steps and might even have forwarded it to some colleagues. This person is really interested. However, if your recipient reads the message just once it was probably less compelling, especially if they never reply. Email tracking tells you what happens after you hit ‘send’. It enables you to be smart about how to best follow up.

This also includes GDPR compliant email tracking.

Improve over time

In order to improve and be more productive you need a baseline against which to measure your performance. For email, this baseline is email tracking. You’ll know who’s reading your email, how often they read it and when they read it. All of this is invaluable data to help you do better outreach and make better use of your time, and ultimately your recipient’s time.

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