November 30, 2020

Mixmax Advent 2020: 12 days, 12 blog posts

Mixmax Advent 2020: 12 Days, 12 Blog Posts | Mixmax

Following a proud internet tradition of advent blogging, the Mixmax Engineering team will be sharing 12 blog posts over the next 12 days right here in our engineering blog.

Our posts will cover a variety of topics from how we dynamically configure our microservices to our philosophy on engineering interviews. They're meant to share a glimpse of what it's like building a platform and team on a mission to eliminate the world's busywork.

Follow @MixmaxEngineer on Twitter for the latest posts. Or bookmark this page to see the full list of posts, updated daily.

  1. How I successfully planned & ran hack days for the distributed Engineering team at Mixmax
  2. Saving money, time, and space with MongoDB indexes
  3. Introducing the Mixmax Engineering Handbook
  4. Maintaining an end-to-end integration test suite
  5. Share meeting recordings automatically with Mixmax Rules
  6. How We Hacked* Our Manager
  7. The Future of Services at Mixmax
  8. Migration from Elastic Beanstalk to Fargate using Terraform
  9. A Human-Centric Approach to Retrospectives
  10. You're going to want to follow this star (schema) for your Data Analytics
  11. A Brief History of Mixmax, Pt. 1
  12. Engineering levels at Mixmax

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