Envisioning a world without busywork.

If you’re anything like us, you spend most of your day in front of a computer. And you’re probably spending a lot of time (too much time) outside of your core area of expertise. You’re not alone.

Salespeople don't have enough time to sell.

Salespeople don't have enough time to sell.

Engineers don't have enough time to code.

Engineers don't have enough time to code.

Designers don't have enough time to design.

Designers don't have enough time to design.

We get sucked into busywork, jumping between apps to satisfy our managers, doing admin cleanup, or simply figuring out what to do next.

How did we end up here?While technology promised us more freedom, we got less.

We hold true to strong values

Strength in our differences - Mixmax
One time with one mission - Mixmax
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Turn customers into heros at work - Mixmax
Mixmax Summit 2019 | Santa Rosa, CA

Mixmax Team Summit, 2019 | Santa Rosa, CA

At Mixmax, our goal is to eliminate busywork for people in customer-facing roles.

While there’s been a lot of innovation for ‘makers’ (people who build products), ‘closers’ (people who sell products) have been left behind.

We're changing the status quo, freeing you up to give your customers an authentic, personal experience.

More apps than ever

Ten years ago, in any customer-facing role, you relied on email, phone, and your CRM to get work done. Since then, the number of apps and services you rely on daily has increased exponentially and continues to rise. New point solutions are helpful, but getting them to work together is a nightmare.

This is a lot of context-switching (15 open tabs anyone?) and busywork: connecting data between apps, notification overload, and figuring out what to do next.


Salesforce 2010



Temporary fixes

Existing solutions fall short of doing the actual work.

We duct-tape integrations to pipe data, which requires costly technical resources, and is fundamentally inadequate: Clean data isn’t actionable on its own!

We resort to task managers, which are great for organization, but not for productivity. You can’t call a customer, or send an email, from your todo list. No wonder people don’t like task managers!

Building and maintaining integrations requires technical resources
Temporary fixes
Piping data is inadequate: clean data is not actionable on its own
Todo lists or task managers are for organization, not for doing the work
Temporary 2

The Mixmax solution

Imagine instead, if you could integrate your existing tools with your communication apps, and work with what you already have.

Mixmax makes technology work for you, rather than the other way around.

This empowers you to focus on the impactful work you love: building authentic relationships, creating the opportunities you need to succeed, and growing your business.

Mixmax Solution

Connecting your communication tools to the apps you need to do your job.

We’re excited about this opportunity because it:


Radically improves customer-facing work, which hasn’t evolved for many decades.


Gives you more freedom at work, by eliminating manual, mind-numbing tasks.


Empowers you to have more impact by making you be automatically proactive.

Join us

Hopefully you have a good sense for our mission at Mixmax. Check out the product, give us your feedback, and join us on this journey. We need early adopters like you to start a movement!

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