December 1, 2021

Advent 2021: 14 days, 14 blog posts

Mixmax - Mixmax Engineering Blog

For the next twelve days and as the holidays approach, the Mixmax team will publish one blog post per day to our Engineering blog. This schedule follows a proud internet tradition of “Advent blogging,” in which we’ve participated in past years (see our 2020, 2017, and 2016 Advent posts).

From how we moved our dev stack to the cloud to acing a technical screening interview, you'll learn about our technology and team culture. We hope you find them educational and entertaining. And if you like what you read, don't forget to check out our careers page as well.

You can follow our progress on our Engineering Blog or on our Twitter @MixmaxEngineer. We’ll also update this post with links to the future Advent posts.

  1. Work Locally, Run Remotely: Moving Our Local Dev Stack to the Cloud
  2. Acing the Technical Screening Interview
  3. Mixmax Band Names
  4. Beating Spam Detection Bots (Again)

  5. How Three Day Rule uses Mixmax to improve matchmaking
  6. Keeping Your Infrastructure DRY
  7. Interview with a New Engineer: Meet Ebuka Ugwu
  8. Migrating Our Largest Package into Smaller Libraries
  9. Mentorship: What It Is and What It Isn't
  10. The Mixmax Engineering Culture Survey
  11. Initializing Microservices with a Single Command Using Nx Generators

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