December 6, 2021

How Three Day Rule uses Mixmax to improve matchmaking

How Three Day Rule uses Mixmax to Improve Matchmaking | Mixmax

In this post we’ll explore how exclusive matchmaking service Three Day Rule uses Mixmax Sequences and Rules to power their workflow. This article was written by Matt Chan, Lead Developer at Three Day Rule.

At Three Day Rule, we help singles eliminate swiping by providing our members custom matches to fit their lifestyles and introducing them to only the best dates. As a result, our service requires our Matchmakers to do a lot of work to find and vet matches that are most compatible with our clients. Some of this work is customer-facing interaction, like interviewing matches, getting feedback about dates, or walking through a client's preferences and unique needs. And some of the work is administrative, like emailing potential matches, setting up meetings, entering data, and checking on the internal status of matches (who may be busy with other Matchmakers' clients).

When we realized the heavy workload on our Matchmakers, we developed a goal to reduce or eliminate tedious administrative work and allow our Matchmakers more time to interface with clients. Mixmax's Rules system and API were instrumental in our ability to implement automation to achieve our goal.

Mixmax Rules makes it easy to post to a webhook on our server when certain actions are triggered. Triggers can include when a potential match is emailed, when a prospective client sets up a meeting with our Matchmakers, or when a match responds yes or no to meeting another one of our clients. While we previously sent out Sequences through Mixmax, our Matchmakers still had to execute four to five manual steps once a potential match responded (favorably or unfavorably) to meeting our client. But with our new polling workflow that utilizes Mixmax Polls, we use standardized poll responses to update our match statuses in our workflow. Now, we know who has been reached out to, who has responded favorably, and who has declined our meeting invitation without any manual input from our Matchmakers. Favorable responses can also trigger an automatic meeting reply, which can then be scheduled in Mixmax and our database to trigger additional workflows. Since working with Mixmax, our Matchmakers can focus their time on customer-facing interactions, and are no longer stuck filtering emails and swapping between browser tabs to input data.

We’ll end this post with an example of how to set up a Mixmax Rule similar to ours that posts to a webhook when someone votes in a Mixmax Poll.

The first step is to create a new Mixmax Sequence. Add any poll to the sequence content, like this:

Create a Mixmax sequence

Next, click “Confirm and Activate” to send the sequence to a recipient.

Then, create a Mixmax Rule that triggers a webhook when someone votes in your poll. Mixmax will take you through the steps to select your poll action, add filter conditions, and set up your webhook action:

Create a Mixmax rule

Now, when the recipient of the poll votes, Mixmax will post to the webhook. Here’s an example result of the webhook using a third-party webhook testing tool:


The webhook payload will give you the email address of who voted along with their answer. It’s through this automation that Three Day Rule is able to update our client tracker backend.

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