March 13, 2024

Mixmax Helps Veraset Save 45% on Tech Costs & Exceed Revenue Goal by 119%

Mixmax Helps Veraset Save 45% on Tech Costs & Exceed Revenue Goal by 119%

"Switching to Mixmax [from Outreach], the data syncing problem with Salesforce evaporated overnight, plus we saved 45% on tech costs. It was a no-brainer." - Pete Mickartz, Director of Sales at Veraset.

About Veraset

Veraset is a leading provider of mobility data for enterprises, startups, and researchers, with a strong commitment to maintaining the highest consumer privacy standards. Their data offerings power daily operations for multibillion-dollar corporations, requiring a robust, efficient, and privacy-compliant communication and sales strategy.


Challenges and objectives

Before Mixmax, Veraset’s BDR, AE, CS, and support teams used Outreach to prospect potential customers and nurture existing ones. Unfortunately, they faced significant challenges with their previous sales engagement platform. 

Pete Mickartz, Director of Sales at Veraset, described the situation as a "mess," highlighting several key issues:

  • Poor implementation: The initial setup of Outreach was poorly executed, with very little support, leading to inefficient use of the platform.
  • High license fees: Outreach licenses were costly and the business wanted to reduce tech spend.
  • Data syncing issues: Outreach acted like a secondary CRM, which created duplicate data between the sales engagement platform and Salesforce.
  • Siloed instances: Critical information wasn’t being shared across teams, creating barriers between sales, customer success, and customer support.

"With Outreach, we were entangled in data syncing issues,” said Pete. “It was a major roadblock, doubling our costs and complicating what should have been simple—seeing when the last email was sent and whether it was replied to."

The primary objectives in moving away from Outreach were to streamline communication across teams, improve data synchronization with Salesforce, enhance productivity, and reduce tech costs.

"The transition to Mixmax unified us in a way we hadn't experienced before. Getting it up and running was straightforward. But the real magic came from how Mixmax educated our teams on leveraging its features, from email tracking to templates to polls to Salesforce syncing–all within Gmail."



The switch to Mixmax marked a turning point for Veraset. Mixmax's native Salesforce integration and intuitive platform addressed the heart of Veraset's challenges.

Key Mixmax features that helped Veraset reach their sales and customer success goals:

  • Salesforce integration: The seamless integration got rid of the need for a duplicate CRM. It eliminated previous data syncing issues, saving countless hours and reducing operational costs.
  • Gmail accessibility: Being able to complete day-to-day sales and CS activities without leaving their inbox increased the teams’ productivity.  
  • Multichannel sequences: The sales and customer success teams use multichannel sequences for different segments to engage prospects and customers across different channels (i.e., email, phone, LinkedIn).
  • In-email calendaring: This helps the teams book more meetings as there is no back and forth when scheduling.
  • In-email polls: This feature helps their customer success team quickly gather feedback from customers as it enables them to insert renewal polls directly in their emails.
  • Email tracking & triggers: AEs set up triggers to “monitor email opens and clicks like hawks, especially with late-stage opps, to ensure no deal falls through the cracks.”
  • Templates: The customer success team uses customizable templates to relay important information and updates to customers ASAP.
  • Sidechat: Veraset’s teams can collaborate by tagging each other in emails via the Sidechat feature instead of having to forward emails or use BCC.
  • Analytics: Sales leaders can easily look at how sequences are performing to replicate them across teams.

“It's just easier to see all of our metrics in one place, either within Gmail or Salesforce, rather than a separate platform where you worry about data syncing across multiple different platforms. And that's one of the main reasons I pushed for Mixmax.”


Results after adopting Mixmax

After implementing Mixmax, Veraset improved their sales and communication processes:

🟣  Higher engagement: Veraset saw an 80% open rate and a 26% reply rate on cold emails for an important event, a testament to Mixmax’s email enhancements.

🟣  Exceeded revenue goals: Mixmax helped Veraset achieve over 220% of their net new revenue goal, which was 119% above their forecasted goal (~3M vs. ~2M the previous year).

🟣  Improved productivity & time saved: Mixmax eliminated data syncing issues with Salesforce, which saved the teams countless hours as reviewing duplicate data in a secondary CRM was no longer necessary.

“Veraset is a remote company. So to be able to share and collaborate on emails or loop someone into an email or provide interactive features in an email to our customers, prospects, and attendees of an event—it's just so easy with Mixmax.”



The adoption of Mixmax by Veraset has led to:

  • Significant operational improvements
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Better engagement with customers and prospects. 

The platform's ease of use, combined with powerful features such as multichannel sequences and a seamless Salesforce integration, has enabled Veraset to overcome previous challenges, resulting in increased productivity and, ultimately, a positive impact on revenue.

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"Mixmax was the piece of the puzzle we were missing. It transformed our operations overnight. The ability to customize communications and streamline our processes has not just improved efficiency; it's enhanced our relationships with customers."

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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