August 17, 2023

How Hostfully Achieved a 576% Increase In Pipeline with Mixmax

How Hostfully Achieved a 576% Increase In Pipeline with Mixmax

"Mixmax helped our sales and business development teams increase pipeline generation by 576% year over year.”Federico Dominguez, Sales Operations Director at Hostfully

Who is Hostfully?

Hostfully is a vacation rental property management software that helps vacation rental managers automate and streamline their tasks and operations. They also offer digital guidebooks to improve guest experience.

Challenges and objectives

Hostfully’s sales (BDRs & AEs), customer success, and onboarding teams were looking for a solution that could help them meet growing revenue targets and engage more customers. 

But most importantly, they needed a tool that was easy enough for the entire revenue team to adopt quickly and use easily. One that would not add to their workload.

Their revenue team needed a platform that could:

  • Scale their outreach efforts.
  • Automate sales emails and follow-ups.
  • Manage and streamline their tasks.
  • Integrate with Salesforce .

All without causing disruptions and with a relatively low learning curve.

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"Mixmax's intuitive features, from automation to sequencing and calendaring, made it incredibly easy for our revenue team to adapt, even for someone like me who was new to sales engagement platforms.”

- Federico Dominguez


Mixmax provided Hostfully with a sales engagement solution that not only integrated with Salesforce but also enhanced their sales process with easy-to-use features.

Improving efficiency with sales automation

Mixmax Rules are an integral part of Hostfully's operations, helping them automate and streamline their sales process. Federico explained some of the rules the team is using: 

"We've implemented a basic rule where all new leads are routed to either an inbound or outbound BDR,” explained Federico. “If a lead is created and assigned to a BDR, the rule adds them to a sequence and updates specific fields in Salesforce.” 

“We also have rules for when an email bounces, which then automatically updates the status to ‘unqualified’ and stops future emails from being sent,” he continued. “When it comes to the CS team, depending on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) a customer gives us, we send them a specific sequence." 

Scaling email outreach effortlessly

With Mixmax Sequences, Hostfully was able to scale their email outreach considerably, sending up to 800 emails per rep, per day. Sequences also allowed them to test different approaches and fine-tune their outreach strategy. 

"Sequences are a big thing for us," Federico said. “It helps us scale our outreach so we can reach significantly more people, which helps us reach our pipeline goals.”

Boosting engagement with interactive content

Mixmax's email enhancements such as in-email polls and surveys helped Hostfully increase their engagement and reply rates significantly. 

"The email enhancements are a big thing. We've been very successful doing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ polls because we realized that people would rather click a button than answer an email," Federico revealed.

Optimizing outreach with smart send times

Mixmax’s Recommended Send Times feature provides insights to Hostfully’s customer success team on when customers are most likely to be in their inbox, improving the chances of engagement.

Increasing productivity with automatic CRM updates

Mixmax's seamless integration with Salesforce boosted the revenue team’s productivity by automating CRM updates. This is what Martin Iznardo Rosales, BDR Manager at Hostfully, had to say about it the integration:

"Mixmax has been the best sales engagement platform I’ve tried so far. One of the things I appreciate the most about it is its seamless integration with Salesforce. This has really helped boost our productivity and streamline our processes. Plus the task organization and sequence creation features are incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it an essential tool in our tech stack."



After implementing Mixmax, Hostfully saw an exponential increase in many areas. 

They recorded:

🟣   An average open rate of up to 70% depending on the sequence.

🟣   An average of 466% increase in emails sent per rep.

🟣   A whopping 576% YoY increase in their sales pipeline.

"Mixmax helped our sales and business development teams increase pipeline generation by 576% year over year.”

Implementing Mixmax allowed Hostfully's sales, onboarding, and customer success teams to streamline processes, boost productivity, and increase engagement with prospects and customers.

Federico concluded, "We're pushing the limits, doing lots of outbound, and that really helps. We're always updating our sequences, always seeing what's working and what's not. With Mixmax, we can keep evolving our approach."

“Mixmax is fantastic! It assists with automating my day-to-day tasks and their reminder and calendaring features give me the simplicity to keep up with tasks and follow-ups! I'm solving problems by automating (and remembering) my day-to-day tasks. And by having sequences created, I'm able to continue working while the software does its part with the follow-up.”— Frank Bosi, Sr. Director of Business Development


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