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Close pipeline faster with Mixmax

Crush your quota: land more replies, meetings, and deals from your inbox. Monitor real-time email opens, clicks and engagement from Gmail.

Mixmax was responsible for making sure we hit our revenue goals, especially with our cold outreach. I know Mixmax is automatically a growth lever for our businesses.

Kevin Blazaitis | VP of Client Development, IZEA


Know exactly who opens your email

Email tracking for Gmail

Per recipient email & attachment tracking

Track opens, clicks, downloads, and RSVPs by person and message. Receive real-time notifications when people are taking action on your email. Monitor lead engagement without leaving your inbox.

Book more meetings

Instant calendar scheduling

Easy one-click scheduling

Add your calendar availability into the body of any email. Recipients can confirm a meeting time with one-click. Reduce friction with customers by eliminating the back-and-forth.

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Personalize every message


Use data from your CRM & LinkedIn

Increase reply rates with highly-personalized messages and campaigns. Ensure no one slips through the cracks with smart reminders, engagement alerts, and automated follow-up to unresponsive leads.

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Sync activity to Salesforce

CRM Sync

Create or edit records in your CRM from Gmail

Automatically synchronize your emails and call notes to Salesforce CRM. View, edit, and create Salesforce records without leaving Gmail. Connect the dots between Salesforce and Gmail.

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