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The best possible tool to automate your emails.

First thing I like the most about Mixmax is its reliability and seamless integration with all services. All functionalities work perfectly with no lags and without any problems…. Meeting scheduler, sequences, reminders, everything is perfect, and it's REALLY HARD to find a good competitor because almost everybody lacks some functionalities.

Paul H | Customer Success Manager
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Make G-Mail, Gm-azing

The tracking system makes it easy to coordinate timely follow-ups, but I love the easy scheduling feature. Setting up meetings that work according to my changing schedule vs. using a system like Calendly that requires me to have set windows of availability works so much more seamlessly for my business.

Leland B | President of an SMB
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Easy and productive!

The templates and tracking capabilities are priceless! The ease of the software is perfect for quick learning and usability. It used to take me double the amount of time to compose email campaigns before using Mixmax. Now I type in a recipient, click the appropriate template and it auto fills into my email.

Stacey L | Marketing Director
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Mixmax is more than essential, it’s crucial

MixMax turns Gmail into a sales machine. From automation to drip campaigns, attaching gifs, and polls, Mixmax is a must have tool for business owners and professionals. Mixmax works with Salesforce and numerous other Sass offerings and is under consistent development to offer value. I've been a happy customer for several years.

Avi L | Management Consulting

Easy to implement

Easy to use

Streamlined workflow

Versatile and customizable

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