February 14, 2024

SMS Sales: 12 Ways to Use Text in B2B Sales (With Examples)

SMS Sales: 12 Ways to Use Text in B2B Sales (With Examples) | Mixmax

Inboxes are overcrowded, spam regulations are stricter, everyone screens their calls, and your team still needs to hit quota.

Finding effective ways to reach prospects and customers is more challenging than ever.

But do you know which channel isn’t saturated?


It offers a direct line of communication that can help your sales team stand out and hit their quotas.

Here are some SMS sales best practices and ideas for using text to stand out with prospects and customers this year.


SMS sales best practices

When integrating SMS into your sales strategy, you have to follow best practices that respect both legal guidelines and the personal boundaries of your recipients. SMS sales can be a powerful tool for engaging prospects and customers, but it’s only effective if you’re using it responsibly.

Here are some best practices to consider:

  • DON’T cold text, ever: Just like you wouldn’t text someone you’ve never met out of the blue, don’t use SMS to reach out to people who haven’t shown interest in what you’re selling. Plus, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires explicit written consent before a business can send text messages to an individual’s phone.
  • DO text inbound leads: Ensure that you have clear consent to contact them via SMS. This can be achieved by including an opt-in mechanism in your lead generation forms or during the initial interaction stages.
  • Only text prospects when you’re already in a deal cycle: It's ideal for quick check-ins, scheduling meetings, sending reminders, or providing updates relevant to the deal at hand.

Chris Orlob on how—and when—to use SMS in B2B sales.

Lead follow-up and nurture

In the early stages of the sales process, you have to establish a reliable and efficient line of communication. SMS can serve as a powerful tool for lead follow-up and nurturing. It offers a personal touch that emails and calls sometimes lack.

1. Add 1-2 manual SMS steps to increase replies in your inbound follow-up sequence.

Unlike emails that can easily get lost in a crowded inbox, a text message directly reaches the prospect, prompting a quicker and more personal interaction.

2. Send an SMS confirmation before meetings to reduce no-shows.

A quick reminder text is not only convenient for the recipient but also ensures that your meetings are top of mind.

3. Use SMS in sales reps’ prospect nurture campaigns for high-value content

Delivering high-value content, such as exclusive reports or personalized insights, through SMS can help you maintain a connection with your prospects.

Closing deals

As prospects move further down the funnel, maintaining momentum and staying connected becomes crucial for closing deals. This is where SMS sales strategies play a pivotal role.

4. Stay top of mind and speed up the sales cycle by manually checking in with prospects through SMS.

A friendly check-in via text can keep the dialogue open and help address any potential objections or questions, speeding up the decision-making process.

5. Set up a multi-channel sequence with SMS steps to stay on top of communications during the sales process.

Incorporating SMS into a multi-channel sequence ensures that you reach out to prospects through their preferred channels. This can enhance engagement and move deals forward faster.

Prospect re-engagement

Re-engaging cold leads or revisiting closed-lost opportunities can uncover hidden potential for new business, making it a vital strategy in SMS sales.

6. Kick off a re-engagement sequence for cold opportunities.

Use SMS to re-initiate contact with prospects who have gone cold. A personalized text message can rekindle interest and reopen conversations that might have stalled.

7. Check in on closed-lost deals at the next renewal cycle.

Timing can play a big role in sales. What wasn’t a good fit before might be perfect now. A tactful SMS check-in can place you back on the radar for a potential reversal of their decision.

Customer success & account management

After the sale, SMS can help maintain and enhance customer relationships, encouraging loyalty and fostering opportunities for upselling or renewals.

8. Add manual SMS steps to renewal sequences to save time and avoid chasing renewals.

Instead of relying solely on automated systems, this manual SMS step ensures that you can tailor each message to the individual customer, adding a personal touch that can significantly improve renewal rates.

9. Deliver alerts or product announcements to customers who opt in.

SMS is an excellent channel for delivering timely alerts, updates, or announcements to customers. It ensures they receive and see the information ASAP.

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Automated personal reminders and alerts

For sales pros, managing a busy schedule and staying on top of all interactions is crucial. Personal reminders and alerts via SMS can be a game-changer, reinforcing the value of SMS sales in maintaining organization and responsiveness.

10. Text yourself if a meeting gets rescheduled with less than 30 minutes notice.

Keeping yourself informed of last-minute changes ensures that you're always prepared and adaptable.

11. Text yourself an alert if a prospect books a meeting with you.

Immediate notifications can help you quickly prepare and personalize your approach for upcoming meetings.

12. Text yourself if a prospect opens your email several times.

This can be a strong buying signal, allowing you to follow up while your offer is still top of mind.

How to use SMS in Mixmax to boost engagement

With Mixmax’s SMS functionality, you can:

  • Speed up your sales cycle by building trust and communicating faster with your prospects using 100% personalized SMS messages.
  • Centralize your work by confirming next steps, answering questions, and keeping deals moving forward through your pipeline all from your Mixmax dashboard.
  • Stay top of mind by not relying on single-channel outreach and expanding your sales process with SMS.

Here’s an example of what an SMS workflow looks like in Mixmax:

Step 1: Create a task in Mixmax’s Sequence Editor to remind yourself to send an SMS to your prospect before a demo.

Step 2: Use the Mixmax Sidebar to access your contact’s phone number to text them.

Step 3: Text your prospect inside the app.

Check out the SMS functionality in Mixmax here.

Sales text message examples you can steal (by use case)

Initial follow-up after a meeting or call

"Hi [Name], it was great speaking with you today! Thanks for sharing [their needs/challenges] with us. I’ll send over the detailed proposal by [date]. Meanwhile, if any questions come up, feel free to text me here. Thanks, [Your Name]"

Checking in

"Hey [Name], just wanted to see if you had any thoughts on the proposal or if there's anything else you need from our end to help move things forward. Thanks, [Your Name]"

Re-engaging an old lead

“Hey [Name], last time we spoke on [date], you mentioned [challenge]. I came across this interesting report the other day and thought of you so I’m sharing it here: [link to report]. Curious, have you found a solution yet? Thanks, [Name].”

Reminder before a scheduled meeting

"Hi [Name], it’s [Your Name] from [Your Company]. Are we still good for our call on [date] at [time]? Looking forward to it!"

Providing additional info or answering questions

"Hi [Name], regarding your question about [topic/question], [brief answer]. Happy to provide more details if needed. Thanks, [Your Name]"

Post-demo follow-up

"Thank you for your time today, [Name]! You and your team are awesome and it was great to learn more about your initiatives around [X & Y]. I sent you an email with my availability for next week so we can discuss implementation. If you have any questions, you can also reach me here. Thanks, [Your Name]"

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Nudging for decision or next steps

"Hi [Name], I wanted to touch base on where we stand with [project/proposal name]. Do you think we’re ready to move forward or is there anything else you need from our side? [Your Name]"

Contract signature reminder

“Hey [Name], we’re so excited to have [Company] as our new customer. I emailed you our contract to sign, but you can text me here if you have any questions or concerns.”

Thanking after deal closure

"[Name], thank you for trusting us with [project/deal]. We’re excited to get started and support your team in achieving your goals. You’ll hear from us soon on the next steps. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions. [Your Name]"


SMS stands out in the crowded world of sales communications by offering:

  • Direct engagement: Cuts through the digital clutter, ensuring your messages are seen and read.
  • Speed: Accelerates the sales cycle with quick responses and updates.
  • Personal touch: Builds stronger relationships through personalized communication.

Remember, the key to successful SMS sales is to respect privacy and consent and focus on warm leads and ongoing deals. Never, EVER, cold text. Period.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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