March 20, 2024

How to Use Salesforce Sales Engagement in Your Sales Process

How to Use Salesforce Sales Engagement in Your Sales Process | Mixmax

If you’re part of a revenue team, you know how cutthroat sales has become. If your messaging isn’t personalized or if you use outdated, wrong, or irrelevant data, you’re done for.

You’re either going to get unsubscribed, blocked, or thrown into the spam folder along with all the “Win a free iPad” offers.

So how can you avoid this?

Salesforce sales engagement is your answer.

In this post, we're zeroing in on how Salesforce and a sales engagement platform, when used together, can drastically improve your engagement rates both with prospects and customers

We also discuss how it’ll improve your team’s productivity and eliminate manual data entry and sync issues.

What is Salesforce sales engagement?

When we talk about Salesforce sales engagement, we're referring to combining the insights of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with the outreach capabilities of a Sales Engagement Platform (SEP), like Mixmax.

In other words, an integration. 

But an integration between a CRM and a SEP is not just about leveraging data or automating outreach. It's about ensuring both platforms are perfectly in sync, without duplicating data. 

This guarantees that all data is consistently up to date and CRM updates are done automatically.

How the Salesforce integration works in Mixmax

Linking Mixmax with Salesforce means that every piece of the sales puzzle fits together perfectly. This integration allows users to both log activity and access Salesforce information directly through their inbox, which is where reps spend most of their time.

Mixmax and Salesforce integration

  • Automatic activity logging: Every email sent, opened, or replied to is synced to Salesforce.
  • Automatic Salesforce updates: Contact, lead, and opportunity statuses are updated automatically based on certain actions completed in Mixmax (like booking a meeting or answering a poll). 
  • No duplicates: Mixmax does not act as another CRM. Data hygiene is essential for revenue teams who don’t want to waste hours quadruple-checking data.
  • Inbox accessibility: Access and update Salesforce records directly from your inbox using the Mixmax sidebar.

Mixmax Sidebar

  • Personalized emails: See your recipient’s Salesforce records next to your email (in the Mixmax Sidebar) and customize your message with dynamic fields and by mentioning previous interactions.
  • Salesforce reports: With Mixmax Insights, you can create sales engagement reports. It’s pre-configured to include data from your Salesforce account plus unique tracking data from Mixmax activities.

Mixmax Insights - Salesforce Reports

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The benefits of Salesforce sales engagement with Mixmax

We talked about the functionality that is available with the integration between both platforms. Now let’s talk about the benefits.

Boost in productivity: Sales reps save hours every week on manual tasks (like CRM data entry). This gives them more time to focus on researching and engaging with prospects and customers.

Increased engagement: Since all contact information is up to date and accessible via the inbox (Mixmax sidebar), it’s easy to send relevant, personalized emails. This leads to better prospect and customer responses.

Accelerated sales process: By automating routine tasks, sales reps can move prospects through the sales funnel more quickly, reducing the time from initial contact to closing a deal.

How Veraset’s sales and CS teams use Mixmax’s Salesforce sales engagement capabilities to sync all data

Veraset, a data-as-a-service company using Salesforce as their CRM, was having trouble syncing their data with their previous sales engagement platform. This caused a lot of problems for them as Salesforce is their main source of truth.

They decided to switch to Mixmax, and the integration with Salesforce was seamless. Veraset’s sales and CS teams were able to eliminate all data syncing issues (and saved 45% on tech costs along the way).

Here’s a testimonial from Pete Mickartz, Director of Sales at Veraset, on how the team uses the Mixmax and Salesforce integration:


The integration of Salesforce and Mixmax is more than just a technical setup; it's a strategy that can redefine how revenue teams interact with prospects and customers. By making every communication more personal, timely, and efficient, sales and CS teams can dramatically improve their engagement rates, build stronger relationships, and close more deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the integration handle privacy and data security concerns?

The integration between Mixmax and Salesforce prioritizes data security and privacy, adhering to industry standards and regulations like GDPR and CCPA. They use encryption for data protection and allow administrators to control access, ensuring only authorized personnel can access sensitive customer information.

What specific features does Mixmax offer to automate the sales process?

Mixmax introduces automation features such as email sequences, automated scheduling of meetings from emails, and real-time alerts for recipient interactions. These tools integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, ensuring activities are logged, and the CRM is always up-to-date, significantly reducing manual tasks and enhancing sales efficiency.

Can I customize the Mixmax and Salesforce integration to fit the unique needs of my sales process?

Yes, the integration between Mixmax and Salesforce is customizable to suit different sales processes. Users can adjust data syncing, define triggers for updates, etc., allowing for a tailored setup that matches specific sales strategies and workflows.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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