February 7, 2024

6 Reasons You Should Not Buy Mixmax

6 Reasons You Should Not Buy Mixmax

We know what you’re thinking. We must be out of our minds writing a blog post about why you shouldn’t buy Mixmax.

But hear us out.

We love Mixmax (obviously).

We believe in our sales engagement platform. We know how awesome it is.

But the reality is, it might not be awesome for you. 

Maybe your team is already killing the sales game.

Maybe you’ve got closed-won deals up the yin-yang.

In any case, if you’re vetting Mixmax as a potential sales engagement solution for your team, we’ve created a guide with all the reasons why you should not buy Mixmax.

If any of these resonate with you, close your browser window and forget about us.

If not, keep browsing and maybe sign up for a free trial. Or not. Up to you.

Here we go.

1. Spray and pray is working wonders for you

If your team is cranking out 600 generic emails per rep, per day, without any negative side effects, you definitely don’t need Mixmax.

Spray and pray is an outdated practice in sales because in most cases, it doesn’t work. Recipients are smart. They know when they’re part of a mass sales sequence that no one has taken the time to personalize.

But if your target audience still hasn’t caught on, then godspeed.

BUT in case they have, Mixmax makes it super easy to personalize your sequences for each recipient (or by persona, industry, etc.).

Here’s what email personalization looks like in Mixmax:

Individual recipient email personalization in Mixmax

Manual email personalization in Mixmax

2. Manually updating the CRM is the highlight of your day

Some people like doing repetitive tasks. They find it relaxing. Meditative, even.

Hey, we don’t judge.

If you and your team find peace in manually updating contact and account information in your CRM after every interaction, then skip this section. You’re doing great.

But if you loathe manual CRM data entry, you’ll be thrilled to know that Mixmax takes care of that sh*t for you…

…with automatic Salesforce sync, baby!

How does that work in Mixmax? Glad you asked:

  • Update Salesforce (SFDC) from your inbox: Opens, clicks, replies, downloads, and calls are logged in SFDC automatically.
  • Personalize messages using SFDC fields: See your recipient’s records in a sidebar next to your email so you can customize your message with dynamic fields such as name or job title.
  • Automate tedious work: Create easy workflow rules to update statuses, notify teammates, and automate follow-ups.

Automatic Salesforce workflows in Mixmax

3. Your reply rates are out of this world

If your reply rates are exemplary and there’s no room for improvement, you don’t need a sales engagement platform.

Because a (good) sales engagement platform is meant to help you boost replies and start more conversations with your prospects and customers.

But if you’re already killing it, X-out of this blog post. And please share your secrets with us.

In case you need a little help with your sales engagement strategy, though, check out all these email enhancements Mixmax offers:

In-email polls and surveys

Yes, you can embed polls and surveys directly in your email (no external links required) to get your recipients to reply with just one click. That way, they don’t have to manually reply to your email.

Mixmax Polls with Radio Buttons-1In-email poll feature in Mixmax

In-email meeting availability

Instead of going back and forth trying to find a time that works for everyone, you can just insert your availability directly into your email. Then your recipient just has to click on a time that works for them without having to open their own calendar (their free times will be shown).


Calendar insert avaliability w Triangle (1)Mixmax’s one-click scheduling feature 

Sexy link previews

Why insert boring hyperlinks when you can have sexy link previews instead? These are auto-generated when you insert a link, but you can disable it if you don’t want to use them.

Mixmax’s in-email link previews

Eye-catching CTA buttons

If you want your call to action to stand out, make it a button. Mixmax lets you create and customize CTA buttons so they’re on-brand and noticeable.

Mixmax’s in-email CTA buttons

4. Your post-its help you stay on top of follow-ups

Post-its are fun. There’s no denying that. Especially those multi-colored pastel ones. (Plus they smell good when you fan them).

And if you like decorating your computer screen with them, more power to you.

And if they’re successful in reminding you to follow up with your prospects and customers, even better.

But just in case you hate them and prefer automating follow-ups instead, Mixmax has got you covered.

You can set up workflow rules in your email sequences that contain specific tasks for you to complete based on certain triggers.

For example, if your recipient opens your email three times, you can set up a rule that triggers a call task reminding you to call them ASAP:

call task mixmax-2Mixmax’s call task triggers

Another example is setting up an automated email after X number of days within your sales sequence:

Mixmax’s sales email automaton

The possibilities are endless.  

5. You close every single deal you come across

If you and your team are closing every deal you come across, we bow down to you.

Please share your strategy with the rest of us lowly creatures. (seriously).

But we’re still going to leave this piece of information here on the off chance that you’re open to closing more deals… faster.

Mixmax users achieve this by:

  • Getting rid of tedious work like manual CRM data entry so they can focus on building relationships with prospects.
  • Receiving real-time prospect activity alerts (like when a prospect clicks on an email link) so they can move deals forward faster.
  • Using best-performing templates to save time and follow up faster.

6. Your customer churn rate is 0%

You’re a customer success manager. And you’re so darn good at your job and your product/service is so spectacular that no one would ever dream of churning.

Customers are so impressed with your attentiveness, they send you fan mail.

Your churn rate is zero and you upsell like it’s nobody’s business.

If this fairytale is your reality, we applaud you.

You don’t need Mixmax.

But if your churn rate is above zero like the rest of us mere mortals, Mixmax can help you bring that number down.

And it doesn’t involve witchcraft (though that would be fun).

If you’re part of a customer success team, you know how important customer relationships are. You know the value of keeping in touch and making sure customers are achieving their goals with your product or service.

And the best way to ensure that your customers are happy is to:

  1. Offer a product or service that doesn’t suck
  2. Check in with your customers periodically

If you’ve got the first point covered, you can proceed to use Mixmax for point two.

You can automate your check-ins like quarterly business reviews via a Mixmax sequence, which you can personalize for each customer (as shown in section 2 of this post).

Mixmax can even remind you when it’s almost time for renewal, and you can send a customizable email template to make sure everything is on track.


Wrap-up on why you should not buy Mixmax

The reasons why you shouldn’t buy Mixmax are simple.

If you’re absolutely slaying the sales game and you’re the god(dess) of manual tasks, there is no reason to buy sales engagement software.

But if none of these six reasons spoke to you, maybe it’s worth giving Mixmax a try after all.

And guess what? Mixmax offers a free trial so you can test it out, no strings attached.

You won’t regret it. Promise.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

Try Mixmax free

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