January 2, 2019

Mixmax was the Best Discovery of 2018

Mixmax was the Best Discovery of 2018 | Mixmax

Typeform was founded in 2012 with the mission of humanizing online forms. Today, customers from across the globe rely on Typeform’s intuitive software as a service platform to create and publish engaging forms, quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires. Millions of responses are collected using the Typeform platform each month.

To provide customers with the necessary training, onboarding, and product information, The Customer Outcomes Team needed a more scalable approach to communicate and engage their customers.

In this article, you’ll learn how Typeform uses Mixmax to reach more customers with less effort.

All-in-One Solution Provides Single Source of Truth

Prior to discovering Mixmax, Typeform’s Customer Outcomes Managers team relied on multiple communication tools.

“We had one system to manage our meetings and calendars and another for customer outreach and email tracking,” said Anca Croitoru, Customer Outcomes Manager at Typeform. “Both systems had outdated user interfaces, offered limited functionality, and failed to deliver meaningful insights.”

Seeking a more streamlined approach to outbound communications management, Typeform began evaluating Mixmax.

“Our sales team had just switched to Salesforce CRM, so Mixmax’s native CRM integration made it a viable solution for their needs,” Anca said. “The success team works very closely with sales, and we wanted to find a system that could work for both departments.”

After seeing the product for the first time, Typeform’s Customer Outcomes team became an enthusiastic advocate for Mixmax.

“It was love at first sight with Mixmax,” Anca said. “My team uses Mixmax calendaring and email automation every day.”

Mixmax Transforms Customer Engagement Process

Switching to Mixmax has transformed the team’s engagement workflow, which, in turn, has led to an increased awareness of customer health. The following features, in particular, play an important role in boosting customer engagement:

One-Click Scheduling

Mixmax’s instant scheduling reduces unnecessary friction when booking meetings with customers. “Instead of sending customers to a general calendar, I can easily insert my available times into the body of an email,” Anca said. “Customers click on a time that works for them, and Mixmax handles the rest. Meeting templates are a real life savior.”

Instant Email Sharing

Collaborating with supervisors and colleagues is easier with Mixmax’s email sharing feature. “When we’re dealing with a difficult situation, I can share emails with my boss without cluttering her inbox,” Anca said. “Likewise, if I receive a helpful insight from a customer, it can be shared without forwarding it.”

Automated Sequences

Mixmax sequences make it possible to send personalized email at scale. “Sequences are vital for ensuring our new customers have everything they need to succeed,” Anca said. “Going into a sequence and adjusting the message for specific customers leads to enhanced engagement.”

Total Transparency

In-depth analytics and message-specific tracking empowers staff to consistently elevate their outreach. “Across the organization, we average an 75% open rate and 35% reply rate for messages sent via Mixmax,” Anca said. “Mixmax also provides visibility into specific messages, allowing us to know when a customer has taken action.”

Gmail Integration

Mixmax’s intuitive Gmail integration reduces time spent jumping between systems, freeing up more time for engagement. “I rarely log into the Mixmax dashboard because everything can be done from my inbox,” Anca said.

Increase Engagement with Mixmax

Could your customer success team benefit from the #1 Gmail-based productivity application? Perhaps it’s time to follow Typeform’s lead and make the switch to Mixmax.

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