November 12, 2018

4 Ways To Offer Personalized Sales at Scale

4 Ways To Offer Personalized Sales at Scale | Mixmax

Every sales rep understands the value of personalization. Being able to provide content, communications, and solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer can be the difference between a happy recurring client and losing the deal.

Yet, creating targeted content for each and every customer can be overwhelming and time consuming. The good news is that there are ways to not only impress prospective clients, but also reduce the workload on the sales team.

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4 Ways to Offer Personalized Sales at Scale

Studies about the return on investment (ROI) of personalization are ubiquitous. The value is undeniable. In a world where people are inundated with brand messages, only the ones that truly connect will stand out from the pack.

And here’s the thing:

You won’t just gain from using personalization – you’ll suffer if you don’t use it. More than 80% of consumers want brands to know them better.

So, how can you offer personalized sales at scale so your business doesn’t lose out on customers as it grows?

1. Track Where Prospective Clients Are In The Funnel

The stats show that email is 40 times as effective at customer acquisition when compared to Facebook or Twitter. But any good sales rep knows that an engaged prospect, one that is reading your emails and marketing materials is very different than a client who has yet to open an email.

Yet, often sales teams treat all clients the same with massive email blasts.

A smarter strategy would be to build different sales email campaigns based on the prospects interest levels. It’s incredibly useful when the sales team can track which targets opened the email and even when they opened it and how many times they opened it.

The sales team can then use this information to send more information to those that opened the email, or reminders to those that have not. Additionally, understanding when they open the email can help the sales team know the best time to reach out again.

2. Understand Buyer’s Needs

While email is a great avenue to explore, all your best-laid plans at personalization will fall flat if you don’t know your audience.

Personalization is all about making the right offer, to the right person, at the right time. You can only do that when you have a clear understanding of buyer’s needs.

Every customer may have a different reason they are using your product or service, but most can usually be categorized into solving a handful of pain points. Rather than tweaking every communication based on the customer, you can create email sequences based on a handful of pain points.

Once the sales rep identifies the motivating pain point, they can simple put that prospective client into the right sequence to get personalized emails effortlessly.

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3. Make The Prospective Customer’s Job Easy

During the sales process, you want the customer’s role to be as frictionless as possible. Relying on the client to do too many tasks such as downloading software, scheduling meetings or filling out long forms, can risk the sales.

One simple way to streamline the customer’s role is to integrate any tasks into email. For example, allowing prospective customers to pick meeting times directly in the email reduces the email trail of going back and forth to set a meeting time.

Additionally, using surveys, polls and CTA buttons can allow the recipient to respond and provide valuable insight to the sales team with a single click.

4. Automation Personalizes At Scale And Makes It Easier For Your Team To Be Successful

Maintaining existing relationships, finding new prospects and communicating to the internal team can leave sales teams spread thin.

Personalizing your sales process doesn’t have to be time consuming. Instead, leveraging workflow automation and integrations can provide powerful email sequences to prospective clients based on their exact needs and pain points. Additionally, integrated emails can ensure the same process is followed for all target customer and no communication slips through the cracks.

Smart sales team leverage technology to do the work for them. Applications that integrate with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Pipedrive and Copper means that once the sale closes, campaigns can automatically launch. This means that many manual tasks can be automated. For example, if a prospect opens an email ‘X’ times, then another email with marketing collateral can automatically be sent. Or, is an email has been opened ‘X” times then an SMS alert can be sent to the sales rep reminding them to call the prospect.

Email automation, one-click calendaring, templates, sequences and workflow automation make the sales process easy for both for the prospective client and for a sales team.

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