May 14, 2015

Customer Spotlight: Alicia Shiu, Head of Marketing at Amplitude

Alicia Shiu, Head of Marketing at Amplitude, Customer Spotlight | Mixmax

Alicia Shiu, Head of Marketing at Amplitude

Tell us about Amplitude: What do customers love about what you do?

Amplitude is an analytics platform for mobile and for the web. We help you understand your users so you can generate insights that help drive growth.

Customers really like our dashboards and the tools that let them dig deep into customer data, like figuring out who their most engaged users are vs. those that might drop-off after a couple of days.

Another important feature is that we take care of data warehousing for you by storing all your raw event data on your own Redshift SQL cluster. This gives you the flexibility to query your data and answer more complex questions.

What’s your role at Amplitude?

I’m Head of Marketing. We’re actually a marketing team of one:) I spend a lot of time talking to our customers’ product or growth teams.

We focus a lot on thought-leadership and putting out useful content on our blog. A couple of our posts did pretty well on HackerNews, which is a great channel for us in terms of generating attention and new leads.

If I had any tips for fellow marketers it’d be to tell a good story: Make sure the story is at the forefront, not your own product. It’s the best way to build trust with prospective customers.

What are your favorite productivity tools?

I use Evernote a ton to jot things down - I take notes all the time. It’s nice that it works everywhere. For task management I use Trello, it’s how I keep our marketing initiatives organized. We use Slack in the company, channels are split out among different teams which works well for us since we’re more than 20 people overall. And I use Mixmax for email.

How did you find Mixmax and how has it been most useful so far?

I discovered Mixmax on ProductHunt. The interface looked really cool and that’s what compelled me in the first place. I like the email tracking function, which I use for most of our customers so I know when to follow up. If someone just opened my email once and a week ago but still hasn’t responded that calls for a different follow-up than if someone read my email multiple times during the day yesterday.

When I first signed up for Mixmax you couldn’t schedule emails but now you can, that’s really useful! If I’m writing the email at a weird hour e.g., late at night I prefer to schedule the email to send in the morning.

The templates have been very handy for what I’d call a medium-sized campaign, for example when you’re inviting several customers to a special event. I bring up the template and personalize it to each customer. It’s much better than sending in bulk.

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What surprised you with Mixmax?

Again, I like the interface a lot more than the standard Gmail interface. And I like that attachments are genuinely a part of the email and not stuck at the bottom. The full PDF previews are beautiful.

Which is your favorite gif?

I love Harry Potter so it’s gotta be the ‘awkward hug’- one.

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