August 26, 2019

Tips for Better Sales and Marketing Alignment

Tips for Better Sales and Marketing Alignment | Mixmax

While it seems simple, we’re living in a pretty complex world with higher customer demands than ever. Customers are getting smarter, products are becoming more advanced and the amount of data available at our fingertips is overwhelming. We’ve got the best sales tools, sales automation and email tracking apps on our side, yet there’s still a wrinkle in the process. Sales and marketing tactics have to evolve to keep up, and teams have to come together to pull off a cohesive buyer experience.

So what happens often? Marketing compiles customer data, persona tables, collateral, and passes the baton to sales to close the loop.

Sales feels the pressure to deliver, but what they’ve got to work with isn’t cutting it to deliver effective sales emails. Buyers aren’t biting, and collectively you aren’t getting the results you expected.

Sound familiar?

Here are a few things your sales and marketing teams can do to become more aligned.

Develop a Complete Campaign Strategy

Time to think outside the box and loop in your best resource (cough, your customers). Sales are interacting with buyers more than anyone. They hear directly from the buyer on what’s most important, what challenges they’re most frustrated with and what they are looking for.

Develop your next campaign based on the feedback sales can bring to the table. Listen to your customers, and create your campaign strategy around what made them buy. A complete campaign strategy maps all the way from marketing research to post-sales outreach.

While this doesn’t seem like a brand new concept, a surprising 46% of companies don’t even have a digital marketing strategy. If you’re part of that statistic, an easy place to start is asking sales reps to expand on their conversations. Figure out the best strategy for customer acquisition based on who and what your best customer experiences have looked like.

When these ideas are solidified, it’s time to put the plan into action.

Get Organized

The most successful campaigns are organized in all facets across sales and marketing teams. We’re talking workflows, communication channels, modes and frequency of outreach.

Get your calendars out! What marketing materials are delivered to buyers and when? How does it align with the sales messaging delivered to buyers the same week? Is every outreach cohesive and strategically planned?

If you don’t sync up on this you could bombard buyers with communication that doesn’t string together nicely.

Plan your marketing and outbound sales schedule as one team, and make sure the message is aligned regardless of who’s sending it. There’s often a disconnect from the sales development team and the messages being delivered simultaneously from other departments. Bridge the gap and focus on the big picture together.

Consider a meeting scheduler so your teams can consistently plan in an easy-to-use tool. Load campaigns in the meeting scheduler, and all departments will be able to focus on actual execution and quality conversations.


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Simplify Communications

Simplifying is easier said than done. However, companies who get this are reaching buyers in the most creative ways. Messaging is absolutely crucial yet often times marketing emails are easily spotted. There’s a certain tone and structure to marketing speak, and sometimes needs to be transformed into sales speak to be most effective across teams. Consider working with an email optimization service to personalize your communication and bring together marketing and sales messaging in a more captivating way.

Try to translate marketing collateral into a 4-sentence email. Consolidate and simplify language as if you were speaking with a friend. Lead with conversational, emotional language to trigger buyers on a more personal level.

So now you’ve got a complete strategy based on what prompted your best customers to buy. You’ve properly scheduled communications for both marketing and sales efforts. And you’ve refined your messaging from traditional marketing speak into digestible, concise emails. There’s power in coming together, and your alignment will pay off in more buyer engagement. Blast off!


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