September 17, 2019

Add a personal touch with Email Tasks

Add a Personal Touch with Email Tasks | Mixmax

We just released an exciting feature: Email Tasks. This new task type allows you to review a message before it gets sent out.

Now you can add a step within any sequence to add a personal touch to a message, or QA the copy one more time before it gets sent out.


This feature is available today to all Enterprise plan customers; and available in Sequences, Mixmax Rules, and Beast Mode products. Curious what other features are on the Enterprise plan? Please visit our pricing page.


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Here are some examples of how adding a manual email task step can dramatically increase your reply rates:

Adding an Email Task to a Sequence

If your recipient doesn’t open the first email in step #1, then create a task to record a Vidyard video and embed it an email template you can customize.

Adding an Email Task to a Sequence

Trigger an Email Task using Mixmax Rules

If a recipient opens your email at least 3 times, then create an email task to follow-up and add a personalized message.

Trigger an Email Task using Mixmax Rules

Learn more about all the different task types in Mixmax.


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