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Workflow automation reinvented

Free your team to spend more time with customers — leave the Salesforce automation to us.


Workflow for people

10x your productivity

Automation creates authentic relationships

Create workflow automation based on the customer interactions that create value and authentic relationships. For example, send a LinkedIn connection request when a contact opens your email, create custom follow up emails depending on poll answers.

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Get more from your stack

Get more out of your tech stack

Sales automation software that integrates with the tools you love.

Rules are a powerful, new way to create automated workflows across the apps you already use – like Slack, Salesforce, Pipedrive, DocuSign, Greenhouse and more - so you get more from your tech investment. For example, when a customer signs a contract with DocuSign, queue up a thank you email to send, change the status of the opportunity in my CRM, then message the team in Slack, reassign the account to the CS manager, and create tasks to nurture the account.

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Centralize automation

Apply process globally

Centrally automate workflows across apps

Optimize our workflow automation software across different teams and different apps with our easy-to-use point and click interface. Empower your users and teams to create rules for their individual workflows or create organization level rules for everyone.

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