Own Your Quota, Own Your Destiny

May 3, 2019

Written byMike McEuen

Own Your Quota, Own Your Destiny

Let’s be honest with each other: sales is really freaking hard.

I’ll never forget the days as pounding the whitepages, cold calling construction companies to offer job listings at the time they were in the midst of layoffs (during the peak of a recession). It was grueling, but it gave me grit.

The truth is, no matter what you may hear, there’s no magic pill, tool, or process that will easily get you to your quota. Every sale and every interaction is hard fought.

The most exceptional account executives who consistently placed above-the-pack, making or exceeding their targets, are those who take full ownership of their book of business. Yes they're persistent, empathetic, and embody a challenger mindset––but above all, they own their outcomes.

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Why You Should Have an Act-Like-An-Owner Mindset

The most elite of account executives approach their role differently; viewing themselves like a pro athlete. While part of a high performance team, their worth is a result of individual output.

This mindset empowers them to own their book of business, and own their outcome. While there are numerous factors that affect quotas outside of a reps control — like the market, the product/service, or the price — they accept what they can’t change and focus their energy on what they can.

But before your can take full ownership over your targets, you must first understand how your quotas are made and your levers to best achieve them.

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How to Unpack Your Number and Break It Into Actionable Steps

In Sales you’re often taught things like positioning, tone, asking open questions, and following-up, but rarely are they exposed to the financial basics of the company: such as unit economics, and how top level team quotas are made and why.

How can you ever really own your quota, if you don’t understand it or the activities needed to get there?

So we teamed up with HubSpot to create a tactical guide, “Own Your Number: A Data Driven Playbook for Sales Success” where you’ll learn:

  • How quotas get made
  • Median salary numbers for sales professionals
  • A cheat sheet to optimizing your time to outsmart your quota
  • Core pillars of your sales role, and how to perform at the top
  • Adding predictability to your closing process
  • Bring proactive in your leadership trajectory

Grab your copy below to learn how you can own your number & grow beyond it!

Own Your Number: A Data Driven Playbook for Sales Success

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