February 4, 2021

New calling features to crush those dial targets

New Calling Features to Crush Those Dial Targets | Mixmax

Calling is key to any sales motion, and today we're excited to announce two major improvements to Mixmax's calling capabilities: a Dialpad integration & international phone numbers.

Dialpad integration

Dialpad and Mixmax Integration

First, we integrated with Dialpad, one of the leading sales dialers. Dialpad is great for teams with heavy calling needs and provides advanced features like call recording, transcripts, live coaching, detailed call analytics and more.Connect to Dialpad

Once you activate the integration for your workspace in Settings, all your calls will be placed with the Dialpad app, rather than Mixmax's native dialer. The workflow you've already come to love - building sequences with calls and completing your daily tasks - remains unchanged and as smooth as ever.

If your team is just getting started with calling, or only intermittently calls, we recommend using Mixmax's native dialer.

International numbers

International flags

Second, we've made Mixmax's native dialer more useful for customers based outside the US or Canada. You can now provision international (aka non-US, non-Canada) phone numbers for your team with Mixmax's native dialer. We'll ask you to submit documentation before provisioning numbers as they are subject to specific regulations depending on country.

Generate a phone number

Mixmax's native dialer and the Dialpad integration are available on our Enterprise plan (and require a Dialpad Talk or Sell license - Pro tier and above - for the integration).

Happy calling!

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