May 26, 2021

Sequence Improvements: Hit Pause & Exit

Sequence Improvements: Hit, Pause & Exit | Mixmax

Today we're excited to give you fine-grained control of your Mixmax Sequences with some real quality-of-life improvements:

Pause or resume your sequence

⏯ First, you can now pause and resume sequences for individual recipients, and not just for everyone in the sequence at once. Better yet, if you're a Workspace admin, you can pause and resume any individual recipient that anyone in your Workspace added.

🚪 Second, we now let you exit all recipients from the same domain, instantly after any of them replies or books a meeting with you. This used to be manual. Now, when you prospect and reach out to several different stakeholders at the same company, as soon as one of them engages with you, the sequence will end for all the others. 💥


🧹 Third, we noticed how your sequence overview pages were getting cluttered, so we fixed it! Admins can now ensure team mates use the latest and greatest sequences, thanks to new permissions to archive any sequences in the Workspace.

naming your sequence

Last but not least, there was the pesky issue of sequences called 'untitled sequence'. No more. We now enforce proper naming. (Oh and we fixed that for templates too 😅)

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