January 25, 2023

Sophia Institute Cuts Costs With Mixmax’s Sales Engagement Solution

Sophia Institute Cuts Costs With Mixmax’s Sales Engagement Solution | Mixmax

Mixmax has helped us do the work of many more people without the cost of many more people.” –Rob Kenney, VP of Sales at Sophia Institute

About Sophia Institute

Sophia Institute is a non-profit organization that has been operating for 40+ years. They have published 300 titles and distributed 3 million books worldwide to hundreds of thousands of individuals, bookstores, and institutions. 

Challenges and objectives

Sophia Institute’s sales and customer success teams were struggling to:

  • Track engagement from their cold emails.
  • Book meetings consistently.
  • Manually update Salesforce accounts.

They initially used functionality that was built into their CRM, but those were cumbersome and ineffective.

“We were cold emailing and we needed the ability to see whether there was any interaction and engagement with the emails we were sending,” said Rob Kenney, VP of Sales at Sophia Institute. “What we really wanted to do was make sure that we were tracking our interactions at a detailed level, and to have all of that information–the clicks, the opens–go right into our Salesforce instance.”

The “Database Guru” at Sophia Institute began searching for different tools that would support their organization’s needs while being cost-effective. After discussing with Kenney, they decided to move forward with Mixmax, the one sales engagement solution that had all the features they wanted, was easy to implement and offered the most reasonable price point.

“Mixmax’s implementation and adoption were very easy and understandable for the sales team, so we rolled it out to the customer success team, too.”


Sophia Institute chose Mixmax to accurately track their email engagement, automatically update Salesforce, book more meetings, and create email sequences and templates to follow up with prospects and clients

“With Mixmax, we rolled out email tracking, sequences, polls in emails, and meeting invites,” said Kenney. “The calendar integration was huge. I use that a tremendous amount and it's very effective. Being able to use those features played a significant role in helping us grow our business.”

“Mixmax’s Salesforce integration was, of course, one of our favorite parts.”


Sophia Institute has been able to cut costs by using a sales engagement solution that delivers the work of several additional employees. 

“Mixmax has helped us do the work of many more people without the cost of many more people,” said Kenney. “We’re able to accomplish so much with sequences and follow-ups and meetings. Mixmax makes things a lot more efficient, and as a non-profit, that’s essential.”

Their sales team was also able to increase email performance. 

“With Mixmax, we were able to increase our email open rate by 10%,” said Kenney. “When we start getting more targeted, we see even better rates,” he continued, “because Mixmax lets us look at what’s working and what isn’t, and we use those insights to craft other messages.”

The sales and customer success teams saw upwards of 54% open rates with targeted segments of leads, and 81% with their customer base during critical engagement periods.

“The fact that we're able to get that kind of engagement has been very helpful,” explained Kenney. “The fact that we can track it is even more important, because in a digital environment, when we're engaging with our customers, we need to know they saw the email and they're going to take action.”

Mixmax’s ability to sync Salesforce and Gmail also had a big impact on the sales and CS teams.

“The Salesforce integration was, of course, one of our favorite parts,” said Kenney. “Being able to work with the opportunities that we've created, work with new people, and get them easily added from an email into Salesforce at the right account level has been very helpful.”

Sales and CS were also able to increase the number of meetings booked thanks to Mixmax’s One-click meetings and Templates features.

“The meeting invites also help tremendously,” Kenney went on. “I probably book two-to-three meetings a week through the ability to just toss in a targeted email with a calendar template specific to the purpose of the call.” 

With our sales engagement platform, Sophia Institute was able to:

🟣  Increase cold email open rates by 10%.

🟣  Reach an 81% email open rate with their customer base.

🟣  Book 437% more customer orientation meetings.

🟣  Cut hiring costs by using Mixmax vs. additional employees.

🟣  Improve email messaging and engagement based on insights and with polls & templates.

🟣  Save time by automating Salesforce updates.

“Mixmax’s customer success team has been helpful and responsive. We have annual check-ins and our requests are well-received. The level of engagement with the company is very positive.”

Give your sales and CS teams a leg up

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