April 18, 2019

Mixmax Allows Canva Recruiters to Increase Engagement and Hire More

Canva Recruiters Increase Engagement and Hire More | Mixmax

“When you’re a high-growth business like Canva, you have to move fast. Mixmax gets the admin out of the way, so recruiters can focus on growth and recruitment — instead of email.”

-Francisco Morales, Engineering Recruitment Lead at Canva

Canva makes graphic design simple for everyone. Canva's drag-and-drop design tool combined with an expansive stock graphic library is trusted by more than 10 million users globally. Since its founding in 2012, Canva has experienced rapid growth and now employs more than 100 team members across twelve countries.

To keep pace with the company's growth trajectory, recruiters at Canva needed a more scalable approach to applicant outreach and engagement. In this case study, you'll learn why Canva chose Mixmax.

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Streamlined Scheduling with Applicants & Stakeholders

Top-tier technical talent is hard to come by these days. In an era when demand for qualified software engineers far exceeds supply, recruiters must take proactive steps to elevate candidate outreach and engagement.

Seeking to streamline the applicant scheduling process, Canva's engineering recruitment began evaluating its needs.

"We were looking for a solution to help with our scheduling," said Francisco Morales, Engineering Recruitment Lead at Canva. "We needed something that worked on desktop and mobile, was easy to use, and would not require applicant registration."

Realizing the need for an all-in-one applicant scheduling and outreach solution, the team turned to Mixmax.

Mixmax's instant scheduling feature transformed Canva's process for coordinating meetings with applicants. Unlike traditional scheduling that requires endless back-and-forth between the recruiter and applicant, Mixmax allows recruiters to insert their availability directly into the body of an email. Applicants confirm availability by clicking or tapping a link. Once a time is selected, Mixmax handles all of the administrative work leading up to the meeting, such as sending calendar invitations and reminder emails.

"We're saving about one day per employee each month by streamlining our interview scheduling process," Morales said. "This time savings allows us increase engagement and hire more people."

Scheduling internal meetings is also easier now, thanks to Mixmax.

"Getting six people in a room at the same time isn't easy," Morales said. "Mixmax helps me understand stakeholder availability, which makes it easier to schedule meetings."

Accelerated Workflows

Canva's recruiters use Mixmax templates to save even more time by eliminating unnecessary copying and pasting.

"We've standardized our emails across the business with Mixmax's templating feature," Morales said. "We no longer waste time rehashing emails."

Templates are a recruiter's best friend, providing point-and-click access to commonly used messages from Gmail. Telephone screening invitations, interview requests, offer letter emails, and virtually any other recruiting message can be standardized with Mixmax. Read-only templates can be created and managed by an admin-level user (such as an HR manager) and shared with other team members (such as recruiters), virtually eliminating the possibility of confusion from outdated or overlapping templates.

Standardized outreach and communication has made a noticeable impact on the team's productivity.

"As a recruiting team, the most important thing is speaking to applicants and working with internal stakeholders to ensure a smooth process," Morales said. "You can't do that if you're spending half of your day writing the same email over and over."

Move Faster with Mixmax

Ready to overcome bottlenecks and accelerate recruitment at your company? Consider this last bit of advice from Francisco Morales at Canva:

"If your recruitment process is dragging, Mixmax is worth looking into."  Get started with a free trial of Mixmax for recruiters.

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