October 5, 2018

Announcing Pipedrive CRM Integration

Announcing Pipedrive CRM Integration | Mixmax

Say goodbye to data entry – and hello to our newest integration: Pipedrive, a leading CRM for Sales & Success teams. Now you can stay productive in your inbox, while Mixmax automates all of your tedious data entry and admin work in your CRM.

Life is too short for dull tasks - automate your day.

You can now create easy IF/THEN rules in Mixmax that automatically take care of your busy work in Pipedrive like logging notes, adding new contacts, updating deal statuses, or sending updates over Slack or email. For example, after you book a meeting with a prospect, you can have Mixmax:

  • Create a deal in Pipedrive.
  • Update the deal stage.
  • Log notes in Mixmax.
  • Post in your Slack Channel.

Pipedrive Integration GIF

Update Pipedrive without ever leaving your inbox.

In addition, we’ve added Pipedrive to the Mixmax sidebar so you can:

  • Create new orgs, contacts, or deals.
  • Update fields for existing orgs, contacts, or deals.
  • Log activity, automatically.

Pipedrive Sidebar

The Pipedrive integration is available on the Growth plan and above; while automation is exclusive to the Enterprise plan. Adding the integration takes no time. Learn more.

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