November 8, 2017

SFNode Meetup: hosted at Mixmax

SFNode Meetup: hosted at Mixmax | Mixmax

Last Thursday I presented at the SFNode meetup which we hosted here at Mixmax. My presentation was on Promise patterns in Node 6 and beyond.

Here's my presentation:

Promises can be an effective way of avoiding a tangled mess of nested callbacks, especially with the introduction of async/await. However, it's not always easy to integrate existing, callback-based modules with newer Promise-based ones and it's an even larger task to migrate existing code to use Promises.

We faced this exact problem at Mixmax where we were torn between existing infrastructure using callbacks and the strong appeal of switching to Promises for future development. As a result we developed a few libraries (promise-callbacks, promise-pool, promise-iterate) and techniques (using transpilation) that allowed us to immediately integrate Promises and async/await into existing code without drastic, bottom-up changes.

Take a look at the full slides with helpful examples:

Here are useful links from the presentation:

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