January 23, 2024

How to Use SMS to Text Your Prospects and Customers in 2024

How to Use SMS to Text Your Prospects and Customers in 2024 | Mixmax

Let's tap into another communication channel for your next closed won deal: SMS. 

You can get faster responses, set next steps and keep your pipeline moving with SMS. But before you start blasting off text messages to everyone in your sales funnel, let's talk about best practices for B2B SMS.

Remember, SMS is personal, immediate, and can be intrusive if done poorly.

Best practices when using SMS to text prospects & customers

Get permission

Just like asking questions during your discovery call to find pain, consent is key. Make opt-in a breeze and clearly outline the frequency and type of texts they will receive. Nobody likes uninvited SMS messages, especially if they aren’t interested in starting a sales process.

Speak their language

Ditch any jargon and embrace emojis to keep it personal and to the point. Keeping your message concise, friendly, and personalized will help build trust during your sales process.

Remember, you're texting, not writing a thesis, so keep it brief.

Timing is king

Text when it matters. Meeting reminders, action-item updates, or follow-ups to small questions work best when delivered in real time. Always mind your recipient's timezone; you don’t want to be the awkward texter who wakes up their prospect at 5 AM.

Value above all else

Make every text count. Offer help on the sales process (you are the expert on buying your product; they are not experts at buying it!), personalize recommendations using information from their free trial or proof-of-concept account. Show you care, and you'll earn their attention (and business).

Respect the opt-out

Remember, communication is a two-way street. Provide a clear and easy way to unsubscribe and respect their decision. Tread lightly if you are working with someone who doesn’t respond to your texts. Remember to keep it professional and get consent again if you haven’t heard back from your texts. A happy customer is a loyal customer, even if they prefer email.

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Leveraging SMS with Mixmax

GTM teams in 2024 can use Mixmax to send SMS to their prospects and customers.

Sales teams have the opportunity to stand out from other reps by leveraging SMS to confirm next steps, answer questions and keep deals moving through the sales funnel.

SMS web app (5) (1)

Similarly, Customer Success teams can maintain communication with their top accounts using SMS in a new way to build trust, follow up quickly and lock in even more renewals.

SMS (4)Key takeaways

Use your new SMS powers wisely by adding value, being concise and friendly, and always with permission.

Note: a common barometer of sales forecasting is the number of times you’ve spoken to your prospect. So if you do strike up an overzealous text chain with your prospect, that's a good sign your deal is moving forward. Hurray!

In the crowded B2B landscape, differentiation and solving your prospect’s problem is how you will make your sale. Leverage a new communication channel through SMS with Mixmax to stand out and turn texts into triumphs.

Click here to learn more about SMS for your GTM team.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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