February 27, 2015

Say Never to Double Booking

Say Never to Double Booking | Mixmax

Mixmax Instant Scheduling is a quick and effective way to share your availability and schedule one-on-one meetings. Your recipient simply picks and confirms a time right in the email, and Mixmax does the rest.

It’s hard to keep track of your calendar and available dates or times — a lapse in knowledge often leads to accidental double booking. Or you might send a bunch of available times to multiple people and find that the times everyone chooses overlap. Then comes that embarrassing email asking one or more people to reschedule.

Stop worrying (and learn to love Instant Scheduling)! Mixmax ensures that you never double book a meeting no matter how many available times you send.


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How It Works

When you send an Instant Scheduling invitation to multiple recipients, they’ll each receive an email with a list of available times.

Meeting Times Instant Scheduling

If one of them chooses a time, they will see a confirmation page for the meeting and the time is blocked off in your calendar.

Meeting Confirmed Instant Scheduling

No other invitees will be able to select that time. If one tries to choose that same time block, they’ll see a page informing them that the time is no longer available with a list of the remaining times.

Time Unavailable Instant Scheduling

Mixmax knows the pains of double booking and we’ve taken careful precautions to make sure it never happens with Instant Scheduling.

This is yet another way the Mixmax platform powers up your email. Email us hello@mixmax.com or tweet us @Mixmax if you’d like to make one of your own!

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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