October 29, 2016

Salesforce Tasks and Calendaring, fully integrated with Mixmax

Salesforce Tasks and Calendaring, fully integrated with Mixmax | Mixmax

Mixmax is a sales engagement platform that brings professional communication & email into the 21st century.

We're excited to announce a bucketload of new integrations to save you time in both your inbox and in Salesforce.

Complete task management

Manage Salesforce tasks in your inbox

It's now easier than ever to manage tasks related to your Salesforce Contacts and Leads. Instead of going to Salesforce -- create, edit, and complete tasks right in the Mixmax sidebar. Our beta users report saving an average of 137 minutes per week.

Easier Salesforce variables in your templates

See Salesforce variables in templates

Recently, we integrated Salesforce fields as variables in your Mixmax templates. Now, we've made them even easier to use. In any template, click  in the bottom toolbar or type {{, and a menu with all your Salesforce fields will appear. No more hunting in Salesforce for field names. When you insert the template into a message, we'll automatically search Salesforce and fill in each variable, if we find a match.

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Full calendar integration

Sync Salesforce calendars with Mixmax

When someone confirms any meeting you send with Mixmax, we'll automatically add it directly to your Salesforce calendar. If the meeting gets canceled, will even remove it from your Salesforce calendar for you. If you need to turn this off, you can change this in your Mixmax CRM settings.

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Must-have Salesforce features. Only on Mixmax Growth.

These essential Salesforce features are available only on our Growth Plan. If you're dying to save hours a day, click here to get a free 14-day trial.

If you're passionate about taking external communications to the next level --- reach out to us at hello@mixmax.com and follow us @Mixmax.

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