May 3, 2023

Mixmax AI: Your Future Sales Assistant

Mixmax AI: Your Future Sales Assistant | Mixmax

We proudly announce Mixmax AI 🤖, your smart assistant for sales outreach. Request a demo to create personalized sales content in seconds with Mixmax AI.

Personalized messaging made easy

Create highly personalized and outstanding messages… effortlessly. Mixmax AI's natural language processing capabilities help you craft engaging sales outreach tailored to your recipient's interests and needs. It’s built directly into Mixmax's Sequencing features to ensure your messages are unique and memorable.
StarWars fan? This is the way.
Treky? Live long and prosper.

📨 Incredibly personalized sales messaging that gets replies.

🚀 Turbocharge your content creation.

 Optimize your send times.

Mixmax AI Compose


Prioritize tasks that convert to meetings

Prioritizing highest-value follow-ups is now easier than ever. Five new, easy-to-use Tasks filter buttons make it quicker and easier for reps to focus on high-priority work.

📈 See which contacts are interacting with your content using Most engaged.

🔝 Take action from your top account list using the button for High priority.

Ensure you are on top of your to-do list by using Today + overdue.

Tasks Quick Filters



We have enhanced how your teams can access prospect information to connect with a phone call or email. Now SDRs can take action faster and click-to-call directly from the Sidekick window or the Live feed.

🏃 Boost your speed-to-action for SDRs and full-cycle AEs.

📞 Fewer steps for SDRs to make calls.

🔥 Ensure your teams have easy processes to jump on recently engaged prospects.



You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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