July 20, 2019

Mixmax Eliminates Six Days of Admin Work per Month for the Pixlee Sales Team

Pixlee Sales Eliminated 6 Days of Admin Work per Month | Mixmax

“When you aggregate the amount of time that my team and I save because of Mixmax, it would equal five or six days every month.” 
-Nick Dessau, Enterprise Account Executive at Pixlee

Pixlee was founded in 2012 and is a leading user-generated content marketing platform. More than 150 of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Levi Strauss and Kenneth Cole, leverage Pixlee to create customer-generated content, manage permission rights, and build social proof across multiple channels.

With demand for user-generated content reaching an all-time high, Pixlee needed an outbound communications management tool to elevate the effectiveness of its customer engagement activities. 

In this case study, you’ll learn why Pixlee chose Mixmax.

Making Email More Visual

Seeking to align the company’s outbound communication with its corporate identity, the sales team at Pixlee implemented Mixmax.

“We’re selling a platform to retailers and hospitality companies that is very visual, and we’re a very visual company,” said Nick Dessau, Enterprise Account Executive at Pixlee. “Mixmax gives me the ability to present visualizations and media that I wouldn’t be able to do with other tools.” 

Pixlee’s sales team uses Mixmax to add interactive enhancements to their emails, such as:

Mixmax slash commands allow account executives to effortlessly insert enhancements into any email without using a mouse. And Mixmax brings embedded links to life by automatically converting them into visual previews — without any extra clicks, taps, or keystrokes.

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Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Engagement

Mixmax delivers the data-driven insights that Pixlee needs to increase engagement with its customers and prospects.

“What got me excited about Mixmax was seeing individual recipients open emails,” Dessau said. “With other tools, you can see when someone is opening the email, but not necessarily who or where they’re opening it from.”

Opens, clicks, RSVPs, and downloads are automatically tracked by Mixmax, which makes follow-up much easier for Pixlee’s sales team. “Mixmax gives you a lot more visibility into recipient engagement rates,” Dessau said.

Email analytics have become an important guidepost for internal benchmarking and process improvement.

“Thanks to Mixmax, I know that I have between a 40% and 45% download rate,” Dessau said. “I can see that the time and effort that I’m putting into presentations is actually going somewhere.”

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Automated CRM Data Entry

Data governance is also easier with Mixmax.

“I’m able to create Salesforce records on the fly instead of manually creating them,” Dessau said. “I’m keeping Salesforce data cleaner, which makes our sales operations team very happy.”

Spending less time on data entry empowers Pixlee’s sales team to remain focused on what matters most.

“Mixmax gives me more flexibility to do my job well,” Dessau said. “It frees up more of my time to meet with customers and prospective clients.”

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