September 28, 2022

SquareFoot Upgrades to Mixmax from Salesloft, Reducing Software Costs 3x

SquareFoot Upgrades to Mixmax from Salesloft, Reducing Software Costs 3x | Mixmax

“We saw immediate results [with Mixmax]. We had much more clarity into our pipeline and it was extremely fast. It didn't take months and months of infrastructure build; it just kind of turned on and worked.” – Gabe Radley, Director of Business Operations at SquareFoot

About SquareFoot

SquareFoot is simplifying how businesses find and lease office space. They have a team of trusted commercial real estate experts armed with their own technology to help guide clients from initial inquiry to lease signing and beyond. Casper, Instacart, and other leading brands rely on SquareFoot’s innovative marketplace and team of commercial real estate experts.

Challenges and objectives

Managing one complex real estate transaction can require months (or years) of effort and countless interactions with clients, lawyers, architects, and other stakeholders. SquareFoot tried using Salesloft to manage and track all activities related to deals in the pipeline, but only about 10% of brokers actively used the system.

“[Salesloft] adoption was super low because they weren’t seeing any value from it,” said Gabe Radley, Director of Business Operations at SquareFoot. “There wasn’t enough Salesloft functionality in their inbox for it to be meaningful. It was really built for the kind of work that our BDRs do like outreach to inbound contacts. But it didn't work very well at all for managing deals.”

The team needed something that allowed them to do high-volume email, manage deals, track engagement, and schedule meetings without being tied to a formal CRM structure.

“Real estate transactions are long and complex, and there are a lot of stakeholders who don't belong in Salesforce or in Salesloft,” explained Radley. “The lack of flexibility there really started to hurt our brokers because Salesloft wouldn’t allow them to skip adding a contact to the CRM, resulting in hundreds of errors in our error report.”


Ease of use,  flexible integrations, and pricing were just a few reasons why SquareFoot decided to switch to Mixmax. 

“Brokers live and die by text messaging and their inboxes,” Radley said. “Mixmax’s ability to integrate seamlessly with Gmail and provide everything they needed generated a lot of positive feedback.”

Automated sequences, email tracking, and one-click meetings helped SquareFoot’s brokers increase engagement without requiring major changes to their daily routines. “Brokers love tracking. They love the moment an email opens. They will call someone right away–they’re obsessive about it,” said Radley.

Implementing Mixmax was quick and easy. “It was extremely seamless. We got everybody up and running in about two weeks, and it was a big migration away from Salesloft,” Radley said. “We thought it would be a big project to integrate Mixmax into our Salesforce instance. But there were no problems with the rollout and we were already at 95% adoption within the first month.”

Mixmax was also the ideal price point compared to its competitors. “Outreach and Salesloft are almost three times the price for no discernible benefit.”


With Mixmax, SquareFoot has been able to:

  • Reduce software costs by 3x by replacing Salesloft licenses with Mixmax
  • Improve deal insight 10x by increasing the amount of pipeline data entered into Salesforce
  • Achieve 95%+ user adoption within one month (and maintain consistently high levels of use ever since)
  • Extend the use of Mixmax to other departments, including HR and C-level functions
  • Minimize time-consuming troubleshooting of Salesforce sync issues

“When we were using Salesloft, about 10% of the team logged emails,” Radley said. “Now 90% of the team logs activity through Mixmax, so the amount of insight we have into what our brokerage is doing has increased tenfold.”

Mixmax also offers SquareFoot’s team the freedom to pick and choose what functionality they want to use when managing deals. “Every broker on the floor uses Mixmax differently,” said Radley. “We’re not locked into a particular way of doing things–we can do it in a way that fits our workflow.”

Give users an engagement tool they’ll love

Looking for a flexible way to effectively engage a variety of stakeholders and manage deals—all from the comfort of your inbox?

Request a demo of Mixmax to explore all of our engagement, tracking, scheduling, and automation features.


You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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