August 31, 2022

Praxis Ditches Outdated Email System & Engages Contacts At Scale with Mixmax

Praxis Ditches Outdated Email System & Engages Contacts At Scale with Mixmax

“Mixmax is an important partner that allows us to maintain our friendly, relational voice while also operating at scale.” – Mary Elizabeth Ellett, chief of staff at Praxis.

Who is Praxis?

Praxis builds and resources ventures that make a big impact in the world. The company’s “redemptive” approach to business has attracted a growing community of founders, funders, and innovators—close to 3,000 in total. Praxis’ ventures have generated over $525 million in revenue and 5,000 jobs.

Challenges and objectives

Praxis tried using an outdated system to manage and send email, but it failed to offer important features like automated follow-up. Adding a contact to more than one list involved duplicating it multiple times. 

Inserting an event-specific date, time, or other detail into an email meant adding another custom CRM field, leading to a messy database and lots of confusion. Eventually, the team decided that the frustration wasn’t worth the effort.

“We basically stopped sending emails with the system and did everything manually instead,” said Mary Elizabeth Ellett, chief of staff at Praxis. 


Praxis needed a tool that made it easier to engage more people through email. Keeping people informed about multiple programs, events, and ventures isn’t easy; it takes a lot of proactive communication.

After speaking with entrepreneurs from the Praxis community, the team chose Mixmax. “Mixmax came highly recommended to us,” Ellett said. “We did a demo and really liked it, and so we went with it.”


Integrating Mixmax to Praxis’ reimagined CRM enables staff to engage contacts at scale with far less complexity.

By implementing Mixmax, Praxis’ team was able to:

  • Save countless hours on moving contacts through a process with email sequences
  • Easily plan upcoming events and collect impact data with embedded polls & surveys
  • Operate faster and with less direct oversight from management with email templates

“Sequences have just been amazing,” said Ellett. “They allow us to move contacts through a communication process without taking our team hours and hours.” For example, program managers rely on Mixmax sequences to design end-to-end experiences for Accelerator, Academy, and Capital Fellowship programs. 

Sending polls and surveys with Mixmax makes it easier to plan upcoming events and collect impact data. “We survey people through Mixmax to understand how many deals were done, how much capital came in, how many people were served,” Ellett said. “The surveys are embedded directly in the email, making it easy to respond.”

Mixmax templates empower Praxis’ front-line staff to engage with less direct oversight from senior management. “We have a small, light team of operators because Mixmax lets those operators move efficiently,” Ellett said. “Mixmax is basically another member of the team for getting stuff done.”

Engage more people (with less manual effort) 

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