November 8, 2022

Oxylabs Automates Sales Flow & Reaches 50% Email Open Rate with Mixmax

Oxylabs Automates Sales Flow & Reaches 50% Email Open Rate | Mixmax

“It was crucial to eliminate mundane, manual tasks for our revenue operations & sales teams and automate processes where possible. Mixmax covered this need. After that, other teams started using the system as well.” – Greta Alsyte, Head of Revenue Operations at Oxylabs.

Who is Oxylabs?

Oxylabs is a premium proxy and public web data acquisition solution provider, enabling companies of all sizes to utilize the power of big data. Constant innovation, a large patent portfolio, and a focus on ethics have allowed Oxylabs to become a global leader in the data acquisition industry and forge close ties with dozens of Fortune Global 500 companies. In 2022, Oxylabs was named the fastest-growing public data-gathering solutions company in Europe in the Financial Times’ FT 1000 list.

Challenges and objectives

Manual work was the Revenue Operations team’s biggest obstacle. No information could be synced throughout Oxylabs’ tech stack, including Salesforce, LinkedIn Navigator, Stripe, and others, and even relatively simple things such as emails had to be sent manually.

“Before we joined Mixmax, we used a sales engagement system that couldn’t be integrated into any other of our solutions,” said Greta Alsyte, head of revenue operations at Oxylabs. “There were no automation options and minor synchronization capabilities. We were stuck with manual processes and low adoption throughout the company, with only the sales department deploying the previous solution on a regular basis.”

“Mixmax is being constantly improved and new functionalities added. It’s also important to us as customers, that our needs are being heard.”


Oxylabs set off to look for a more flexible sales engagement solution that would fulfill all their automation needs. “We had outlined our needs and analyzed all the available solutions on the market, which led us to Mixmax,” said Alsyte. 

Several functionalities offered by Mixmax made the decision to switch over a no-brainer for the Oxylabs team. “The most important features for us are the ability to create sequences, set up automatic rules, and reporting,” listed Alsyte. “Email templates with additional functionality like polls and surveys are also very useful, as well as insights into email delivery times.”

Synchronization with Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Docusign was another important factor that led the team to adopt Mixmax as their sales engagement solution. “The possibility to automate workflows based on information in Salesforce is very valuable to us,” explained Alsyte.

Mixmax was deployed company-wide and was adopted by multiple teams, including sales, account management, customer support, and public relations. “They all have different use cases for the product,” Alsyte said, “for example, sending out surveys, conducting client campaigns, and sending inbound and outbound emails.”

“The support team at Mixmax is quick to respond to our requests; they help us with custom cases. They really care for issues to be solved well and in a timely manner.”


By implementing Mixmax, Oxylabs was able to:

  • Get 50% email open rates on average.
  • Get rid of manual work by automating their sales workflow with rules and sequences.
  • Sync their tech stack & integrate with Salesforce and other existing solutions.
  • Deliver emails at the right time based on insights.
  • Achieve higher adoptions of their sales engagement tool across RevOps, sales, and other teams.

Help your teams reach their sales engagement goals

Mixmax has helped thousands of businesses achieve sales engagement with our easy-to-use and uber-intuitive tool. 

You’ve read about its success. Care to see it in action with a demo?

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