January 22, 2019

Adwerx Attributes 25% of Enterprise Sales Demos to Mixmax Sequences

Adwerx Attributes 25% of Enterprise Sales Demos | Mixmax

“Mixmax is incredible and has really made our team unstoppable.” -Jordan Cain, Manager of Inside Sales at Adwerx

Adwerx was founded in 2013 with the goal of revolutionizing digital advertising in the real estate industry. Today, thousands of real estate agents leverage the Adwerx platform to achieve “big brand” marketing results without the hefty price tag. Adwerx is also trusted by mortgage brokers, insurance agents, wealth management advisors, and enterprise-level clients. In 2017, Adwerx ranked #173 on the Inc. 5000 annual ranking of fastest-growing private companies in America.

To capitalize on a growing demand for the Adwerx platform, the company needed a scalable customer engagement and workflow automation tool.

In this article, you’ll learn why Adwerx chose Mixmax.

Boosting Engagement with Less Effort

With thousands of existing customers and countless prospects yet to serve, the Adwerx team needed a more efficient way to scale its outbound communication. After careful evaluation of more than twenty tools, the team gave Mixmax a try

“The numbers really spoke for themselves,” said Ian Grady, Strategy & Growth at Adwerx. “My colleagues would be picking up the phone and making a ton of dials, and I would have booked twenty appointments just by clicking send.”

Mixmax sequences bypass the bottlenecks of “traditional” outbound communication, allowing Adwerx reps to reach more customers in a shorter period of time. Email tracking and in-depth analytics deliver the granular visibility that is necessary to increase engagement.

“We’ve seen almost a 100% increase in the number of account reviews we’ve booked on our growth team,” said John Wall, Marketing Operations Manager at Adwerx.

Tight integration with Google Calendar and Gmail made Mixmax the natural fit for Adwerx. “We’re a Gmail-based company, so the integrations were very smooth,” Grady said. “The calendar functionality is very elegant and user-friendly, which has allowed us to book a lot of appointments.”

Customizable for Any Sales Pipeline

A robust feature set combined with an intuitive interface makes Mixmax a flexible solution for a wide spectrum of sales scenarios. Case in point, Adwerx’s inside sales team uses Mixmax to streamline interactions with customers.

“Sales reps use buttons and polls to make it very easy for clients and potential clients to respond,” said Jordan Cain, Manager of Inside Sales at Adwerx. “Mixmax has really increased our response rate and engagement rate.”

The Enterprise Sales team relies on email sequences to convert more prospects into viable leads.

“Roughly 25% of enterprise sales demos are attributed to Mixmax sequences, and that’s not including the others that are assisted by Mixmax sequences,” Wall said. “The results are there.”

Adwerx even uses Mixmax to pre-qualify new leads, further accelerating the efficiency of its sales operations.

“Pretty much everybody in sales uses Mixmax,” said Mike O’Rourke, Principal, Product Marketing at Adwerx. “Mixmax is involved throughout the process, from initial interest until the deal is signed.”


Great Product, Even Better People

By implementing Mixmax, Adwerx has achieved a scalable process that eliminates many of the common roadblocks to selling.

“The value comes from the time we save,” Cain said. “Mixmax does the administrative side of things for you and gives you time to innovate, collaborate, and build new things.”

Even better, Adwerx has found a long-term partner, thanks in large part to the Mixmax support team.

“I feel comfortable going to them when we need something tweaked or if we have questions,” Cain said. “Mixmax is the type of company you want to look for - one with an incredible product and people behind the product.”

Get Started with Mixmax

Looking to grow your sales and get more done with less effort? Mixmax offers a powerful blend of automation, tracking, and reporting, empowering your sales reps to elevate their performance.

Start your risk-free trial of Mixmax today.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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